Bethrowed Juliettes Spanking – P2

Six years down the line from a marriage that had been given six months to live by the most optimistic forecasters, it was beginning to look very much as if it had simply been an error of calculation on the part of the latter, for early signs of structural failure were very much in evidence in the household. David’s work required increasing periods of absence from home, whilst Juliette’s professional life was opening up very appealing new opportunities in all areas of her life. At first, she had dismissed these as the normal process of temptation after a few years of very contented and fulfilling – albeit childless – marriage. She and David had maintained the flame that had ignited between them, following their first encounter when he had been arranging a business visit to the Far East in connection with a major transport engineering scheme. They both enjoyed the good life as well, although this was one area in which the differences in temperament did manifest themselves, since David’s inclination tended, unsurprisingly, to be towards caution, whereas Juliette was often seduced by the appeal of flamboyance. In fact, it had been the fifth anniversary dinner, at an extremely expensive Spanish restaurant, that had caused the first major confrontation between them, an event that had left Juliette, egged on by Rioja-induced anæsthesia of her inhibitions, to create what could have been an embarrassing scene in public, had it not been for quick-thinking David’s sharpness of mind.

From that point on, hairline cracks had begun to appear and Juliette’s social life had begun to include other avenues for stimulation. She had no difficulty whatsoever in making acquaintances – although, like David, she was also careful in choosing friends. When she started tapping the keyboard of the family computer during the evenings whilst David was away, to chat with him in various parts of the world, it was not long before she started to leave the machine switched on at the end of her Messenger chat and went on to surf her way into new waters. In this medium, despite her sharpness in the 3-dimensional world, she had been somewhat out of her depth. There had been nothing sinister about her contacts, as she had seen the perverts and morons off very promptly. What she had not prepared herself for was the way in which she would respond to the people whom she came to like – one in particular.

Mark Warner was 15 years older than Juliette and was a freelance software engineer who was doing very nicely for himself in the South-West of England. He was happily married and was father to three children. Like many other people who had discovered the Internet, he had not set out with the specific aim of finding new social territories to explore and the thought of infidelity had been totally alien to him. However, neither he nor Juliette had foreseen how events would develop. Had either of both of them taken the time to look ahead, they would have heard the roar of the cascades ahead of the boat that was carrying their friendship along deceptively still and bewitchingly calm and pleasant waters. Unfortunately, they became so engrossed with each other that neither of them noticed, or even tried to see, that they were drifting at an alarming rate towards marital catastrophe. In truth, whilst the excitement of ‘Net flirtation was intensely enjoyable, neither of them really wanted the situation to get out of control, but neither of them felt the need to test the brakes. It was, therefore, obvious, that this responsibility would fall to somebody else.

As it turned out, it was on David’s shoulders that this landed, in a manner that was really too bizarre to believe.

Late in the evening, on one very cold February day, on the eve of David’s return from Southern Germany, Juliette was reading carefully through an e-mail she had written to Mark when the telephone rang. It was Joline, anxious to find out if her older sister could babysit for her 12-month old daughter on the following day, so that the harassed parents could get out for a few hours for some ‘quality time’ together. As with many a conversation between sisters, the agenda was self-extending and the conversation moved on to other topics. Having acquired a degree of multitasking skill, Juliette was filling in the e-mail address as she spoke to her sister. The address book appeared in the usual two columns on the screen and Juliette highlighted ‘Warner, Mark’. She was about to click on it when Joline came to a particularly hilarious point in the diary of her daughter’s activities, in which she had managed to re-programme Grandad’s video recorder with acutely embarrassing consequences. Juliette howled with laughter and her finger just caught the ‘shift column’ button via the mouse, moving the highlight to ‘Malence, David’. Unfortunately, such was the laughter that Juliette had been unaware of this and the e-mail was duly despatched and, in the custoJuliette mechanical manner, deleted unchecked from the ‘Sent items’ box in the email window.

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Spanked By Master

I heard the sound of His cane whistling through the air before it struck my tender cheeks. My eyes were closed and I gripped the edges of the desk tightly in a futile attempt to prepare.


I jumped; I just couldn’t help it. Instantly the painful mark from His lash begin to well up on my exposed flesh. He chuckled, enjoying my obvious discomfort, and raised the cane to punish me again.



Eyes watering, I helplessly clenched my cheeks against His punishingly hard strokes.



Pain filled my head even as intense desire drenched my inner thighs, and I bit my lip in concentration.



I could feel tears welling up, threatening, as he stopped the punishment long enough just to trace the lines on my ass.

“Three more, little one,” he murmured, and I braced myself for the rest of my promised punishment.



The tears were falling easily now; He’d never caned me so hard before. I was whimpering when I heard the sound of the last stroke begin.


He immediately dropped the cane. His firm hands comforted me, caressed me, touching the areas that radiated heat as I sighed in pleasure and pain.

His big hands moved from tracing the lash marks to spreading my sore cheeks. I moaned as His lubed fingers toyed with my ass, teasing, probing, penetrating. He added more lube and then more fingers to ease the path as I gasped and squirmed in surprise. Then past my loud protests He held me down over the desk and began to force a huge plug into my tightest hole.

I kicked my legs and groaned but he wouldn’t stop. Slowly, relentlessly, he pushed the enormous toy into my ass.

The Pain Files

“M-Master, please!” I begged, but he said, “Shhhhh,” and continued.

Finally it became almost too painful to bear and I knew He was at the largest part of the toy. I shouted “No!” and then felt the plug slide all the way inside, my cheeks closing around the intruder.

“Open your eyes, sarahh.” He said, interrupting my whimpers and wild thoughts, and that’s when I realized another Master was in the room. He was standing in front of me, fly undone, waiting for my mouth on his thick erection.

Well-trained, I opened my mouth without hesitation and he immediately filled it with his hard cock. He fucked in and out without mercy. As I attempted to adjust my own Master roughly entered my wet pussy from behind with his enormous tool.

I tried to picture what I must look like at this moment; bent over a business desk in front of two well-dressed men, completely naked, bare cheeks criss-crossed with lash marks, huge plug protruding from my ass, thick cocks from two Masters penetrating my mouth and pussy.

Ass cheeks sore, all orifices filled, properly disciplined; is it any wonder that I came suddenly, without warning, without permission, my body helplessly gripping the Masters who were using it well?

In a daze I heard my own Master’s warm chuckle as he continued to thrust into me. I knew I’d have to be punished for my orgasm without his consent.

I couldn’t wait.

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Gym Class Spanking

I am a twenty year-old athlete.  I am a runner that works out with a trainer.  For quite some time my parents and my trainer were trying to help me change my attitude.  My trainer told me that I had unlimited potential as a runner, and that I needed to stop smoking cigarettes and to quit missing practice sessions.  Since I was defiant, I continued to smoke and workout when I wanted to.

One day a couple weeks ago, I showed up for practice with cigarettes on my breath.  He grabbed me by the arm, dragged me into his house and ordered me to the basement.  A few moments later he came down the steps holding a wooden paddle that had holes drilled into it.  The look on his face told me that he was through talking to me about smoking.

The Pain Files

As I stood there in just my running shorts, he ordered me to take off my shoes.  He then told me to throw them into the fireplace.  When I asked him why, he responded in a voice that no young man would have disobeyed.

“Just do as I told you!  Throw them in the fireplace.”

After I tossed them in, he put his hand on the gas switch ready to ignite the flames.  I yelled, “No! Don’t do that! Those are $80 running shoes!”

“So what?” he replied.  “You won’t need them after smoking ends your running career,” he said ready to turn on the flame.

“OK! OK! you made your point.  Don’t burn my shoes.  I’ll quit smoking. I promise.” I said grabbing my shoes from the hearth.

He looked at me and said, “Only you can make that decision.  I can’t make you stop smoking.”  He then held up the paddle and added, “But I can give you 10 good reasons for you to stop smoking and to change your crappy attitude.” 

Still holding the paddle, he directed me over to a waist high gymnast training bench and ordered me to strip off my shorts.  After I stepped out of my shorts, he told me to bend over the leather-cushioned bench and to grab the rail on the opposite side.  The bench put me in a position, which elevated my bottom upwards.

After I grabbed on to the rail, he gave me the first of 10 swats across my bare bottom.  “There’s one good reason to stop smoking,” he said as I let out a yell from the stinging blow.  Number 2 hit even harder and I yelled even louder as he said, “That was reason number 2.”

Soon the last 5 swats were hitting my bare crimson red bottom where it had already been whacked.

“Did you feel reason number 5?” he asked as I answered in agony.

“Yes, yes, Stop! I’ll never smoke again! I promise! I promise! Please stop! No more!! No more!! Stop! Stop! No more please stop! Please stop! No! No!”

The next swat landed with the fury of hell. “Aghhhhh! Stop! No more!  No! No! No! Stop! Stop! No! No more!”

He didn’t stop until all 10 reasons had been seared into my bare bottom

It’s been about 2 weeks since my paddling and I haven’t touched a smoke yet.  I have had a complete change of attitude.  My trainer told my parents about my spanking and they thanked him and told me that having my bare butt blistered was better than losing a lung. 

That bare bottom paddling opened my eyes and taught me to appreciate those that were working to save me from a life of health problems.  I am now running faster and farther that I ever imagined I could, and that holee paddle is kept in plain sight at my trainer’s house! 

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Bethrowed Juliettes Spanking – P1

When Joe had announced to Bob and Juliette, his incredulous parents, that he and Juliette were to be married, the virtually unprecedented response had, initially, been mute, open-mouthed disbelief. It had taken quite a while before his Mother had summoned up the courage to cobble together an unconvincing smile and his Father had, in his custoJuliette manner, decided that the best place to reflect on this news – or any other matter requiring the engagement of more than one brain cell – was the Fiddler’s Arms, a few hundred yards away, down the quiet, leafy terraced street that had been home for 26 years to this quiet, mild-mannered – some would even have said ‘timid’ – young man.

The Pain Files

It was very easy indeed totally to mis-read David – as most people had done, failing to take time to look beyond the ‘nothing out of the ordinary’, yet nonetheless quite presentable, exterior to the remarkable man inside. His well-groomed short black hair and steel blue eyes had brought the attention of more than one girl to this recently-qualified engineer and his sartorial tastes had done nothing to deflect that interest. In fact, there was nothing visual – nor even social – that would have caused offence to anyone, for David had always been a quiet and well-mannered child, boy, teenager and man. He was not gifted to excess in any particular area of life, but he was a competent, hard-working plodder and, as those who had played a part in his education and training would have told any interested party, he had an uncanny knack when it came to setting and achieving his objectives. What marked him out from his more boisterous and vociferous peers – some of whom had, however, learned at an early stage, sometimes to their cost, that David was not good bullying material – was that he did not wear his heart or display his plans on his sleeve.

Perhaps it had been this quiet and systematic approach to life that had prompted his form teacher in year seven at school to steer him towards engineering-related subjects. He had needed little encouragement, since his aptitude for work that required the application of careful deliberation, logic, soundly-based science and a hint of creativity was soon very much in evidence. His reward had been a first class honours degree in structural engineering and he was now settling well into a junior managerial post as part of a design team for a leading multi-national transport engineering company.

One very obvious characteristic of David was his ability to command the loyalty of his friends, yet friends were few and far between, for David’s cautious approach to his professional life was reflected in his social sphere. There were several acquaintances, mostly at his workplace, with whom he was able to socialise quite easily, but the list of friends in the ‘Addresses and Telephone Numbers’ section of his thick and well-thumbed diary was short.

The only difference between the response from David’s family and that from Peter and Helen Carrington to news of the impending marriage of their daughter, Juliette, was that the silence in the latter household was short-lived. In all other respects, the response was identical, to the point that even the prospective father of the bride had felt the need to see whether or not the news still sounded the same after a little mild anæsthesia of the mind at ‘The Green Man’ public house, set in a location not designed to further contemplation, being bounded on both sides by busy dual carriageways that crossed the sprawling 1970s ‘little boxes’ estate where the family lived. In fact, the only people who had demonstrated spontaneous enthusiasm had been Joline and Jemma, Juliette’s younger siblings. Their motives, however, had more to do with the prospect of their role in the ceremonials than with the longer-term prospects for the couple.

Juliette had been an athletic-looking 22-year old at the time. She stood 5′ 5″ tall and was a comfortable size 10 who, unlike most of her peers, was more than happy with her appearance and exuded confidence in enviable proportions. She did not dress to dazzle -she had no need to – but she knew how to use the contents of her carefully-selected wardrobe to good effect. For most people meeting her for the first time, it was her intense gaze, from feline green eyes framed by fine, shoulder length straight honey-blonde hair – usually kept tied neatly at the nape of her neck -that created the powerful first impression that had earned her a well-paid position as personal assistant to the manager of a well-established business travel company. This was not a job without its perks, but it had not been this, nor indeed Juliette’s impressive appearance, that had first attracted David’s attention. It had been her laughter, something that had kindled a light deep in the mind of a young man to whom this had not been a sound commonly heard at home.

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Spanking The Wife Belinda

The Spanking Pages

Spanking The Wife Belinda

Spanking the wife in stockings and corporal punishment of Little Miss Chaos in bare bottom punishment

Joe chases Belinda throughout the house, he was angry. “I have told you not to do that Belinda!” he said as he chased her. Belinda locked herself in the room. “Belinda, you are in it big time with me, as soon as I get you, over my knee you go!” Joe said. Belinda giggled,”Well, I am not coming out until you calm down.” she said. What Belinda didn’t count on, Joe had the key with him. He opens the door, Belinda had no place to go . “You were saying?” Joe asked. “Now, Joe, I am sorry, please don’t spank me, I will behave.” she said. Joe takes her and turns her over his knee. Belinda kicks and screams, “Joe please not today!” she said.

“Belinda, you are going to learn not to get involved in things you don’t need to be involved in.” Joe said. He swats her, his hand was always hard to her, he didn’t need any other implement, but he would use them. “Owwwwwww, please Joe I am sorry.” Belinda cried. Joe bares her, and lets go a series of smacks, smack, smack smack smack, Belinda knew fighting would not help. With each smack, she was more and more red. Belinda was recalling the night before. She didn’t mean to get in trouble, it followed. She went with her friend Valentine, out for drinks at a club, innocent. How did she know there would be a fight, and she would be right in the middle, trying to escape, but the newspaper snapped the picture.

Joe , the successful producer, and his wife right there front page news. Belinda didn’t tell Joe, the newspaper did, thus causing her now very red bottom to be in this predictament.

After the first ten, among all the ouching and kicking, Belinda knew very well why she is over his lap this time. Suddenly, Belinda was snapped more into reality, with the first smacks of the hairbrush to her bottom.

OWWWWWWWWWWWWW, honey, please, I am so sorry!” she would plead. “Belindacine, you are a naughty wife, I will not allow it, understand?” he scolded.

“Yes, honey, I do, please stoppppppp!” she cried. Joe spanked her until He knew she had enough, allowed her up. “If I catch you out with Valentine, any more, and I will cane your bottom until you don’t recognise it.” he promised. Belinda knew he meant it, she rubbed her bottom, crying, she looks in the mirror and sees how red her bottom is. Joe had left for work, he was out all day, which normally he was home, but today was meetings, all day.

Belinda changed her clothes, she sat down to brush her hair, and the pain was making it hard for her to sit. “Damn it, Joe, ohhh it hurts.” she whined. Valentine comes over, and asks how did it go. “Valentine, not good once Joe saw the paper!” Belinda shows Valentine her bottom. “Ohhh Belinda, he gave it to you good.” Valentine said. “Yes, Valentine, he said if he catches me with you, it is the cane for me.” Belinda said. Belinda was angry. “he can’t tell me who to see.” she said, stomping her foot. “Come on Valentine, let’s go.” She said. “Where?” Valentine asked, “to the mall, “Belinda said.

“Belinda, you know what he said.” Valentine said. “Yes, I know, but I want out of here let’s go.” she said. They took off to the mall. They were having so much fun, and didn’t notice the people at other end of the restaurant they were dining in.

Joe had one of his meetings over lunch right there at the mall of all places. Belinda had a distinct laugh, Joe would hear and know. Belinda laughed at something Valentine said. Valentine suddenly noticed Joe, and was trying to point to him to show Belinda.

Joe had excused himself and stood right behind Belinda. “Belindacine, what did I say this morning?” he asked. Belinda nearly swallowed whole her bite of food.

Shadow Slaves Punishment Films

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Virtual Reality Spanking

Behold! You are entering the real world of Spanking VR with genuine spankees and submissives ready at your beg and call. Do they need punishment or pleasure?

When I’m a bad girl, I get a spanking. Sometimes I get spanked bare bottom, over the knee. Or I may have to grab on to the chair arms and be paddled.

Other times I have to bend over the sofa for the tawse or cane.

When I am caught smoking I get the belt. And after every time I am punished I have to stand in the corner. My name is Jennifer Jane, I come from the Czech Republic and am 22 years old. I am a real girl. And I get real spankings. Do you want to join in and spank me?

Have we caught your attention yet?

Make Jennifer Jane your very own spankee in real virtual reality spanking video shows with you in the director’s seat deciding on the punishment for your gorgeous slave. Jennifer Jane is there dressed in sexy red latex, awaiting what punishment you decide for your slave. Is she going over the knee or having to endure an erotic spanking with the paddle or whip? It is all up to you!

Spanking VR is a real rarity still. But here we have found a precious gem. You influence the storyline as it plays out with your submissive of choice. Jennifer Jane and many other beautiful babes are already waiting for you to engage them in erotic spanking action, a firm whipping or some fetish sex to finish off a great session. Get inside a spanking film and play your part.

Czech spanking is a legendary genre. It does not have to brutal and bruising though. Here instead you get excellently glamorous girls with a kinky streak inviting you for erotic spanking experiences and hardcore sex shows in fetish gear. What is not to like?

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Spanked Male Cuckolds

Here at The Spanking Pages we are fully aware that sometimes the only way for a wife to fully take charge is to pull her cuckold husband over her knee and deliver him a strong spanking on his bare ass until it is glowing bright red. It is time for male punishment spankings! You may also rest assured that while the spanked men might complain that deep down they love when their women take control and spank their male bottoms thoroughly.

Being a male spankee is a bliss. Especially if your wife is a strict femdom. She may punish and cuckold you for fun, she might put you in a relation of permanent male chastity, in fact, once she has taken power she can do whatever she fancies.

As male spanking enthusiasts, there is no lack of cuckolding and femdom spanking material, neither on the internet or out there in the real wide world.

All the cuckolding, male chastity and femdom spanking fans should unite and deliver bruised male bottoms, humiliation and cuckolding experiences to the quivering male slaves of this world. They need the pain and humiliation to be kept in line and remember the respect they need to show the superior female beings!

You may catch your husband watching male spanking porn. Take him up on it. Make him undress. Bend over. And spank him thoroughly. Till he whimpers and cries.

Deny him release as punishment for his naughty behaviour. Invite the male neighbor over. Spank your husband in front the neighbor. Tie down your husband and have the neighbor fuck you hard. You can even have him cum in your husbands face. You can use all the punishments you can think off: be it barehanded women spanking men, OTK male spanking, men being spanked with hair brushes, lesbians spanking men together – all of it with a focus on pain, cuckolding and humiliation for the husband.

Just watch him as he is punished with an audience. Then laying there tied and in pain. Watching as you give the neighbor a blowjob and let him fuck you hard. Interrupt the fucking, spank the husband further and slap his face repeatedly, then return to the sexual encounters.

The pain, the humiliation, the chastity lifestyle at play. Wife to man. Forever.

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Louise Reds Spanking

louise red awaits her Master Christian Red, move within the dungeon. Shackled, she is collared, hoisted up onto her tiptoes, and subjected to a full body whipping. fittingly ready, her legs are caned till the tears begin to flow. Leashed sort of a dog, she is created to crawl, savagely paddled, and maltreated.

Punishment Movies at Shadow Slaves

Strung up with rope, the beating continues, and therefore the poor weeping lady is roofed in clothespins, pinching her injured flesh. The pins are squeezed and twisted, as she is any whipped, then torn off, as she cries and screams in desperation. another time travel sort of a bitch, she is created to tidy the pins together with her mouth as she is viscously caned, wrestled to the bottom, pummeled and damaged underfoot. sure and whipped till she breaks, she is left to cry alone, and ponder her new life as a ShadowSlave.

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Madison Young Spanked

Madison Young returns to us during this show that makes a lot of of how simple it’s to show her pale, perfect skin a vivid scarlet at Shadow Slaves

Jay additionally has her wicked pleasure with Madison with the help of a large strap on. Finally Madison is adorned the wrong way up, and hot candle wax is poured everywhere her ass.

Shadow Slaves – Spanking & Kink

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Retro Rig East Caning

Wild Party 3, Cane On Nail, Crime at St. Thomas School. Do these spanking movie titles ring a bell?

If not, you are probably not a fan of classic hard Eastern European caning films. These are legendary titles from RigEast, Lupus Pictures and the like. You can get fresh caning movie reviews at with pictures, spanking trailers and more!

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