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Louise Reds Spanking

Posted by on May 1, 2020

louise red awaits her Master Christian Red, move within the dungeon. Shackled, she is collared, hoisted up onto her tiptoes, and subjected to a full body whipping. fittingly ready, her legs are caned till the tears begin to flow. Leashed sort of a dog, she is created to crawl, savagely paddled, and maltreated.

Punishment Movies at Shadow Slaves

Strung up with rope, the beating continues, and therefore the poor weeping lady is roofed in clothespins, pinching her injured flesh. The pins are squeezed and twisted, as she is any whipped, then torn off, as she cries and screams in desperation. another time travel sort of a bitch, she is created to tidy the pins together with her mouth as she is viscously caned, wrestled to the bottom, pummeled and damaged underfoot. sure and whipped till she breaks, she is left to cry alone, and ponder her new life as a ShadowSlave.

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