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Spanked At University

Posted by on March 16, 2021

Maria could hardly believe that she was sitting on her
old bed, dressed in nothing but a bathrobe, waiting for her
spankers to call her downstairs. She was 22 years old, a
senior at the university, and she was about to get a
spanking. It had been 2 years since she had last lain
across her spankers lap, her butt bared for a workout with the
well-worn hairbrush they used as a paddle. Two years–
yet the knot in her stomach was unmistakably familiar as she
watched the clock crawl toward 9 pm.

The lady and spanker shared equally in
administering the licks and your fellow spankees were always
present to witness the humiliating and painful punishment.
Even though they no longer lived at the dormitory, Maria and Annabelle
were always notified when Maricha or Bob had earned a
spanking and, with rare exception, they always came.

When the lady and spanker decided that one of the university students
had earned a spanking, the procedure was always the same.
You would be informed of the impending punishment a day
in advance, leaving you at least 24 hours to anticipate the
ordeal. As the appointed hour drew near, you had to go to
your room, take off all your clothes, put on a bathrobe, and
wait. The other members of the dormitory would gather in the
den. When the time for the spanking arrived, the lady or spanker
would come upstairs and lead you down. There, the reason
for the spanking would be recounted. Then, the lady or spanker,
whoever was going to administer the first half of the licks,
would pick up the familiar hairbrush and sit down in what the
university students all called the “spanking chair.” You had to take off your
bathrobe, for spankings were always given on the bare
buttocks with the recipient completely nude.

Despite the fact that it hastened the beginning of the painful licks, you usually
lost no time in lying across the waiting lap since that was the
only way to hide your most private parts from the dormitory’s
scrutiny. The lady or spanker helped you position yourself so that
your exposed backside made an appropriate target. Once
you were in place, the hairbrush began striking your
defenseless fanny with sharp smacks. You were expected
to count each lick out loud. The licks were given slowly and
methodically, usually on alternating cheeks. During the
course of the spanking, the hairbrush would work its way
over most of the surface area of your exposed buttocks.
Invariably, many of the spanks would fall on already tender
spots. Halfway through, the lady and spanker would trade places.
When the spanking was finally over, you had to go stand in
the corner, still naked, with your blistered buttocks fully
visible for at least 30 minutes. The only exception occurred
when you were not the only adult to be spanked. Then, once
you had been spanked, you got to put your robe back on and
watch the others take their licks, after which you all were
sent to the corners of the den.