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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Siris Sexual Spanking – P1

Mark’s hands wandered to her breasts and toyed with her nipples in a lazy manner. “Did you enjoy that?” He asked her with a satisfied grin, knowing full well she had. She rested her head into the crook of his neck and said, “Couldn’t you tell?” “I’m surprised you didn’t wake the baby!” He teased … Continue reading »

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Bethrowed Juliettes Spanking – P4

Juliette had been lost in her own thoughts whilst David sat, as she supposed, reading quietly. She had welcomed him home warmly and sincerely upon his return from Birmingham Airport and there had been no lack of genuineness in her embrace and kiss, yet she knew that she was being torn, for there could be … Continue reading »

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Spanked At The Park – P1

There was a gentle wind blowing off the lake. From where he stood in theranger’s station, Tom Walker could see the tips of a thousand Douglas firsbending with the breeze. The treetops rolled like a dark green ocean.Tom poured himself a cup of coffee and picked up his binoculars.Taking a sip, he put the high-powered … Continue reading »

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