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Spanking The Wife Belinda

Spanking the wife in stockings and corporal punishment of Little Miss Chaos in bare bottom punishment

Joe chases Belinda throughout the house, he was angry. “I have told you not to do that Belinda!” he said as he chased her. Belinda locked herself in the room. “Belinda, you are in it big time with me, as soon as I get you, over my knee you go!” Joe said. Belinda giggled,”Well, I am not coming out until you calm down.” she said. What Belinda didn’t count on, Joe had the key with him. He opens the door, Belinda had no place to go . “You were saying?” Joe asked. “Now, Joe, I am sorry, please don’t spank me, I will behave.” she said. Joe takes her and turns her over his knee. Belinda kicks and screams, “Joe please not today!” she said.

“Belinda, you are going to learn not to get involved in things you don’t need to be involved in.” Joe said. He swats her, his hand was always hard to her, he didn’t need any other implement, but he would use them. “Owwwwwww, please Joe I am sorry.” Belinda cried. Joe bares her, and lets go a series of smacks, smack, smack smack smack, Belinda knew fighting would not help. With each smack, she was more and more red. Belinda was recalling the night before. She didn’t mean to get in trouble, it followed. She went with her friend Valentine, out for drinks at a club, innocent. How did she know there would be a fight, and she would be right in the middle, trying to escape, but the newspaper snapped the picture.

Joe , the successful producer, and his wife right there front page news. Belinda didn’t tell Joe, the newspaper did, thus causing her now very red bottom to be in this predictament.

After the first ten, among all the ouching and kicking, Belinda knew very well why she is over his lap this time. Suddenly, Belinda was snapped more into reality, with the first smacks of the hairbrush to her bottom.

OWWWWWWWWWWWWW, honey, please, I am so sorry!” she would plead. “Belindacine, you are a naughty wife, I will not allow it, understand?” he scolded.

“Yes, honey, I do, please stoppppppp!” she cried. Joe spanked her until He knew she had enough, allowed her up. “If I catch you out with Valentine, any more, and I will cane your bottom until you don’t recognise it.” he promised. Belinda knew he meant it, she rubbed her bottom, crying, she looks in the mirror and sees how red her bottom is. Joe had left for work, he was out all day, which normally he was home, but today was meetings, all day.

Belinda changed her clothes, she sat down to brush her hair, and the pain was making it hard for her to sit. “Damn it, Joe, ohhh it hurts.” she whined. Valentine comes over, and asks how did it go. “Valentine, not good once Joe saw the paper!” Belinda shows Valentine her bottom. “Ohhh Belinda, he gave it to you good.” Valentine said. “Yes, Valentine, he said if he catches me with you, it is the cane for me.” Belinda said. Belinda was angry. “he can’t tell me who to see.” she said, stomping her foot. “Come on Valentine, let’s go.” She said. “Where?” Valentine asked, “to the mall, “Belinda said.

“Belinda, you know what he said.” Valentine said. “Yes, I know, but I want out of here let’s go.” she said. They took off to the mall. They were having so much fun, and didn’t notice the people at other end of the restaurant they were dining in.

Joe had one of his meetings over lunch right there at the mall of all places. Belinda had a distinct laugh, Joe would hear and know. Belinda laughed at something Valentine said. Valentine suddenly noticed Joe, and was trying to point to him to show Belinda.

Joe had excused himself and stood right behind Belinda. “Belindacine, what did I say this morning?” he asked. Belinda nearly swallowed whole her bite of food.

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