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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Marias Bad Behaviour – P2

Mark sat her up, and wiped her tears away. “Now about those house rules”. Your bad attitude will no longer be tolerated. If by some chance you choose to display it again, you will receive the same of what you just got a small taste of. And by the way, don’t think for one minute … Continue reading »

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Bethrowed Juliettes Spanking – P3

Just over twenty-four hours later, David was sitting in bed, reading a magazine, when Juliette entered their bedroom and walked across to the dressing table. She crossed her arms and took hold of the hem of her tailored white T-shirt, with her company’s logo embroidered neatly into the lower right-hand corner. As she often did, … Continue reading »

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Cinema Spanking

You and I are at a movie theater. We have the back row all to ourselves. No more than a minute after the lights have dimmed, you begin slipping your hand beneath the box of popcorn on my lap to give me an unexpected massage. I flinch in surprise at first and slap your hand away out of propriety. But after … Continue reading »

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