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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Anyas Hard Spanking

“YOUNG LADY!!!” Anya stopped dead in her tracks as the voice speaking these words made her blood run cold. Her mind raced as she tried to think of a good reason she had disobeyed him and left the house sick. Slowly, she turned and looked into her husband’s deep blue eyes, which now seemed to … Continue reading »

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Marias Bad Behaviour – P1

Mark pulled his car into the drive. He takes a deep sigh before even getting out of the car to go into the house. He and Maria had been fighting for months. He couldn’t even remember what had started the whole thing, but he was getting tired of it. He had decided that he had … Continue reading »

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Bethrowed Juliettes Spanking – P2

Six years down the line from a marriage that had been given six months to live by the most optimistic forecasters, it was beginning to look very much as if it had simply been an error of calculation on the part of the latter, for early signs of structural failure were very much in evidence … Continue reading »

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Spanked By Master

I heard the sound of His cane whistling through the air before it struck my tender cheeks. My eyes were closed and I gripped the edges of the desk tightly in a futile attempt to prepare. THWACK! I jumped; I just couldn’t help it. Instantly the painful mark from His lash begin to well up … Continue reading »

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