Lady Monique of Paris

I am Lady Monique of Paris. A pratique BDSM expert residing in the French capital. I know all the classiest restaurants, hotels and clubs of Paris. I am happy to take you sightseeing during the day and punish you at night. My fully equipped dungeon is located at the center of Paris.

I love spanking my slaves. As a lifestyle switch for several years, I have blossomed into a true Sadist that finds great pleasure in being in control and at loss of control.

While under My control, you will surrender your mind to Me. I control your thoughts, your movements, and expect proper servitude. Knowing that your place is below Me will earn My attention. What keeps My attention is appropriate servitude and respect. Can you handle Me? I will test you and take you further than you think you can handle.

I will not massage you, kiss you or let you touch Me in ANY way that is inappropriate for a Mistress. I will not date you, be your escort or “special provider”. Get it through your heads that I am here to control you, not to give you what you will NEVER deserve.

Lady Monique Facts
Hair Color/Length: Black/Long
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5’6
Figure: Busty

Lady Monique Interests
OTK Spanking
Human ashtray
Mind Control
Foot Worship(clean and dirty)
Stocking Fetish (cuban, thigh high, pantyhose)
Forced Feminization/Sissification
Humiliation (verbal, public)
Breath Control
Gas Masks
Tease and Denial
Tickle Fetish
Electrical Play
Hair Pulling
Nipple Torture
Sensory Deprivation
Needle Play
Medical Play (invasive medical, enema)
Golden Showers and Cocktails

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Spanked At University

Maria could hardly believe that she was sitting on her
old bed, dressed in nothing but a bathrobe, waiting for her
spankers to call her downstairs. She was 22 years old, a
senior at the university, and she was about to get a
spanking. It had been 2 years since she had last lain
across her spankers lap, her butt bared for a workout with the
well-worn hairbrush they used as a paddle. Two years–
yet the knot in her stomach was unmistakably familiar as she
watched the clock crawl toward 9 pm.

The lady and spanker shared equally in
administering the licks and your fellow spankees were always
present to witness the humiliating and painful punishment.
Even though they no longer lived at the dormitory, Maria and Annabelle
were always notified when Maricha or Bob had earned a
spanking and, with rare exception, they always came.

When the lady and spanker decided that one of the university students
had earned a spanking, the procedure was always the same.
You would be informed of the impending punishment a day
in advance, leaving you at least 24 hours to anticipate the
ordeal. As the appointed hour drew near, you had to go to
your room, take off all your clothes, put on a bathrobe, and
wait. The other members of the dormitory would gather in the
den. When the time for the spanking arrived, the lady or spanker
would come upstairs and lead you down. There, the reason
for the spanking would be recounted. Then, the lady or spanker,
whoever was going to administer the first half of the licks,
would pick up the familiar hairbrush and sit down in what the
university students all called the “spanking chair.” You had to take off your
bathrobe, for spankings were always given on the bare
buttocks with the recipient completely nude.

Despite the fact that it hastened the beginning of the painful licks, you usually
lost no time in lying across the waiting lap since that was the
only way to hide your most private parts from the dormitory’s
scrutiny. The lady or spanker helped you position yourself so that
your exposed backside made an appropriate target. Once
you were in place, the hairbrush began striking your
defenseless fanny with sharp smacks. You were expected
to count each lick out loud. The licks were given slowly and
methodically, usually on alternating cheeks. During the
course of the spanking, the hairbrush would work its way
over most of the surface area of your exposed buttocks.
Invariably, many of the spanks would fall on already tender
spots. Halfway through, the lady and spanker would trade places.
When the spanking was finally over, you had to go stand in
the corner, still naked, with your blistered buttocks fully
visible for at least 30 minutes. The only exception occurred
when you were not the only adult to be spanked. Then, once
you had been spanked, you got to put your robe back on and
watch the others take their licks, after which you all were
sent to the corners of the den.

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What Is Erotic Spanking? All You Need to Know

Everyone loves sexual pleasure. There are different ways in which people can derive pleasure during sexual intercourse. While some people like to keep it simple, others enjoy being kinky in bed. Whatever be the case, there’s nothing more fulfilling than a hot session of sex. Moreover, the way pleasure and pain complement each other during sex is quite intriguing. If described in oxymoronic terms, sex is “pleasurable pain.”

If you are interested in BDSM-style play, erotic spanking is great to start with. The pain that is caused by erotic spanking can be extremely arousing. However, you need to have a good understanding of erotic spanking and how it is practiced before trying it with your partner. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about erotic spanking. So, let’s start.

What Is Erotic Spanking?

Erotic spanking is a part of BDSM where you spank your partner or get spanked for sexual gratification. There is no fixed way to perform erotic spanking. You can either try it without any props, or use spanking tools such as belts, paddles, floggers, wooden spoons, and so on. However, make sure it is consensual and that you don’t hurt the other person.

The intensity with which spanking is done varies from couple to couple and their personal preference. It can also be affected by the mood you and your partner are in. Erotic spanking can be gentle, smooth, rough, painful, and even romantic at times. So, it has a great deal to do with the mood and the moment.

But why spanking feels good? How it elevates your mood? Many people have these questions in mind, especially if they are new to it. The reason behind feeling good from spanking is the release of endorphins or “happy” hormones. Endorphins help relieve stress, pain and boost happiness. For couples who like aggressive spanking, long-lasting pain could be a major turn-on.

Spanks are usually given on the buttocks, but they move to the upper thighs and other areas with fatty tissues. It can be done once, twice, or repeatedly during intimacy. Also, some couples like to involve erotic spanking during foreplay. Some even perform it during role-playing.

There are some things that you must keep in mind before starting with your spanking journey. Let’s look at some of the most useful and necessary tips for erotic spanking beginners.

Some Effective Tips to Start with Erotic Spanking

  • Make Sure it is Consensual: You shouldn’t spank your partner without discussing it with them in advance. It has to be consensual, and your partner should be aware if you are planning to involve spanking in your sexual play. Have an open and healthy conversation with them if you wish to try spanking and only perform it if your partner agrees to it.

If you want to hire an escort to make your fetishes come true, check out Dundee black hair escort reviews. A black-haired beauty can spank you or allow you to spank her if that’s what you like. You can head on to their website to read reviews before you plan to hire them.

  • Know Your Boundaries: It’s extremely important to know your boundaries while spanking your partner. As discussed earlier, spanking can be both gentle and rough. Don’t go harsh or use any spanking tools if your partner doesn’t agree. Even if your partner agrees to aggressive spanking, don’t cross any limits. Take note of the signals your partner gives to you and stop it right there if they ask you to.
  • Communicate: Speaking up and communicating during a spanking is important. If you think your partner is taking spanking too far, or you are not able to handle it, speak up. Tell your partner to slow down if you feel uncomfortable. At the same time, let them know if you are enjoying it.
  • Give Priority to Safety: Don’t do anything that can cause serious injuries to your partner. Spaking should be restricted to the buttocks and upper thighs where the composition of fatty tissues is thicker. If regulated on other areas of the body, spanking can cause serious damage. So be mindful while spanking your partner.
  • Invest in Spanking Tools: You can invest in spanking tools to make it more pleasurable. Talk to your partner and buy some cool spanking tools if he or she agrees. However, it is advisable to invest in them only once you are comfortable with that. Only then when you both agree, you can take it to the next level.
  • Include Spanking in Foreplay: Spanking can really work wonders for some people. From arousing your partner to getting in the mood, spanking can make foreplay interesting and fun. Try introducing spanking in your foreplay if you want to spice up things. Stimulating your partner’s genitals while spanking their buttocks can add to the pleasure.
  • Do Research: Try doing some research if you have never tried spanking before. Please don’t get involved in it without any awareness. You can also consult a sexologist for advice to ensure safety. Another important thing is not to try everything that you see in porn. You might get curious while watching spanking videos before trying it. However, be careful. Not everything you see in those videos is real or safe.


Different people have different fetishes when it comes to sex. If you are someone who loves getting wild and rough in bed, erotic spanking is the thing for you. Or, if you are interested in BDSM-play, erotic spanking can be the start. However, spanking should always be consensual. Don’t try to indulge in it without your partner’s consent. There are some other useful tips that you must keep in mind to make spanking a fun and harmless experience for you and your partner. We have shared all the important tips in this article that you can refer to to kickstart your spanking journey.

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Bad Slut Spanked

The Best Of Bad Tushy 6
Watch Full HD movie now in Spanking Pay Per View

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Spanked At The Park – P4

“That’s it!” Tom said, grabbing Jill by the wrist. She put up very little
struggle as she was taken to a tree stump and even less as Tom yanked
her jeans down and hauled her over his lap. Tom started spanking Jill
with enthusiasm, but even as he swatted her with strokes that made his
hand ache, she barely moved a muscle. Jill seemed unaffected by the
spanking- almost bored.

“Do me a favor.” Tom said to Denise. “Go get me my paddle out of the
glove compartment of the truck. It’s not locked.” Denise smiled and
hurried to do as she was told.

“What’s the matter, Tomy? Can’t cut the mustard?” Jill said over
her shoulder.

“Your butt must be a lot tougher than it was last summer!” he replied.

“It is! You know, you’re not the only guy in the world who knows how to
take a lady to the woodshed! With the right attitude, a brat like me can
get her wagon painted anytime she pleases!”

Denise returned with the paddle. She winked at Tom as she slowly slid it
into his hand.

“Well that may be, lady.” he told Jill as he yanked her panties down
to her knees. “But I’m going to give you a paint job you won’t forget for
a long, long time!”

With that, Tom slapped her bottom with the paddle so hard that even Denise
jumped with alarm. Jill’s mouth dropped open, but before she could even
begin to cry out, several equally powerful swats exploded across her fanny.
Jill tried to keep her composure in front of Denise, but the heat that Tom
was delivering to her throbbing ass cheeks was too much to bear silently.
With gaining speed, the paddle mercilessly struck her burning cheeks.
Her hands clawed the dirt as she bucked wildly against Tom’s lap.
She began kicking in a circular motion, almost as if she was riding
a bicycle and soon she was openly weeping. Denise stood by, staring
intently as Tom and the tear-jerker swiftly transformed her smug,
sarcastic friend into a sobbing, remorseful little girl.

Just as Jill began to make heartfelt apologies between cracks of
the paddle, Denise decided to make an announcement.

“Actually, I’m the one who was supposed to put out the fire.” she said,
stepping forward. “So I’m really the one you should be punishing.”

Tom looked up into Denise’s gleaming green eyes, which looked far more
hopeful than guilty.

“Fine. You’re next.” he said.

Tom gave Jill’s glowing bottom one more resounding swat, then placed the
tear-jerker on the table and brought Jill to her feet.

“There! I guess you got what you wanted! Now, pull your pants up!”

Still out of breath and crying, Jill hiked up her jeans and buckled
her belt. Tom lead her over to a nearby tree. He turned her around so
that her bottom was pressed up against rough bark. “Stand right here and
don’t budge.” he told Jill, wiping a tear from her cheek with his thumb.

Tom then turned to Denise who seemed quite resigned to her fate.

“I guess it’s my turn now.” Denise said, kicking off her boots and
unbuttoning her jeans.

Slightly confused, Tom watched as the woman wriggled out of her
denims and then folded them neatly on the picnic table. She stood before
the ranger in nothing but a plaid flannel shirt and white ankle socks.
Noticing Tom’s bewilderment, she looked at the jeans and then at him.

“You were going to take them off anyway, right?”

She then calmly padded up to Tom as he sat himself back down on the stump.

“Now, will I be getting one of those cute little hand spankings or will
you just go straight to the paddle?”

Tom knew when he was being teased and it always seemed to cause
a bad taste in his mouth.

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He thought about the situation for a moment, then grabbed Denise around
the legs, tossing her over his left shoulder. He stood as he did this
and grabbed the paddle from the table. He then began swatting Denise’s
bottom vigorously. Her shirt had fallen down over her head leaving
her backside no protection whatsoever. Again and again Tom whacked
the lady’s naked ass as she kicked and twisted helplessly over
his shoulder. He walked around slowly as he continued smacking her
ass soundly. Tom seemed to be marching to the beat of the paddle
as he slapped it against one cheek and then the other. Then he stood
still and performed a two minute drum solo on Denise’s rosy cheeks.
All the while, Denise’s shouting and cries for help were muffled
underneath that thick flannel shirt.

“Is this as much fun as you thought it would be?” Tom laughed as he
relentlessly swatted the helpless girl’s bright red bottom.

After a while, Denise managed to pull up Tom’s shirt tails and began to
claw at his back with her nails. Seeing that this position had its
drawbacks, Tom swiftly headed for the edge of the lake and dumped the
scratching little wildcat into the shallows. He walked away, leaving
Denise thrashing around in the water and yelling at the top of her lungs.

Tom walked up to Jill who was now laughing hysterically.

“Do YOU want to take a swim?!” he said, pointing a threatening finger
at her.

Jill quickly stopped giggling.

“No, sir!”

Tom went over to the picnic table, grabbed one of the two tin coffee mugs
sitting there and handed it to her.

“Then go fill this up in the lake and douse the fire until it’s
completely out.”

“With this?” Jill complained. “It’ll take fifty trips!”

“So get your friend over there to help you!” Tom said, handing her the
other cup.

Jill took the two mugs to the edge of the lake. She gave one to Denise
and explained what they were to do.

“What?!” Denise shouted as she marched out of the water and up to Tom.
“You know, you could have drowned me!”

“I dumped you in two feet of water, you little twerp! Now, go help your
friend put out the fire, because I’m still pissed off and my arm isn’t
tired at all!” Tom waved the paddle at her as he spoke.

It took the women a dozen trips apiece to put out the fire,
but they worked swiftly and without complaint.

“Good job.” Tom said when they were finished. “Now if you ladies want
to camp here, that’s fine. Go sign up at the registration office and pay
the ten dollars. If you don’t want to do that, I suggest you haul your
rosy little bottoms out of my park, because I’ll be back tomorrow and if
I find you’re still here without signing up, I’m going to assume you
both want more of the same. Okay?”

Both woman agreed to these terms. As Tom headed back to his truck,
Denise grabbed the tear-jerker from the picnic table and brought it
to him.

“Don’t forget this.” she said and kissed Tom full on the mouth.

Their tongues met for an instant before Tom gently pushed her away.

“That’s enough of that.” he said, smiling.

As he drove off, Tom could see Jill and Denise waving to him in the
rearview mirror. He thought momentarily about what he would do if he
were a few years younger. But it was time to get back to the station.
Someone very special was waiting for him there.

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Bethrowed Juliettes Spanking – P6

David reached down under the bed and took hold of a leather slipper. Juliette, whose mind was now under attack from a powerful sense of apprehension, felt her composure beginning to melt, yet she remained in a semi-mesmerised state as, with her eyes closed, she felt the coolness of the sole of the slipper as it slid lightly over the skin of her left buttock, along the Equator.

The suddenness of the sharp crack, following the briefest of interludes between removal of the slipper and the first impact, took Juliette’s breath away and her back arched as her head went back and she let out an almost silent cry, before allowing her hair to cascade around her head as she fell forward again. Her left hand, which had shot back in reflex fashion, returned reluctantly to David’s leg and squeezed him with a strength borne of her need to overcome the sting of the swat and her awareness of a new sense of admiration and respect for a man in whom she had never before seen these strong qualities.

The second slipper landing took place on the right cheek, mirroring the first landing site, and was even firmer than the first. Juliette was unsure whether it was the intense sound of leather on skin or the sharpness of the sting that made the greater impact but, this time, her hand remained on her husband’s leg and she clenched her teeth tightly as she suppressed a cry, which emerged solely as a deep grunt.

David looked down at the two patches of deepening red skin that were forming where the slipper had delivered its first two messages. He paused for a short while, placing the slipper on the towel that Juliette had dropped on the bed, and brushed her skin softly with his left hand, whilst his right hand caressed the skin of her waist, reassuringly.

Juliette was totally disoriented by the cocktail of sensations and by the intensely conflicting urges that were making their presence felt. She became aware that the stroking had ceased and that her husband’s left hand was no longer on her bottom. Her response was instantly to clench her buttocks to taut firmness, just before two further swats landed sharply across the base of each buttock, close to the thigh top. Again, her back arched and her head tilted backwards briskly, throwing back her hair as if she were in an open-topped car, flying along a country lane. A yelp escaped from her lips. Perversely, she felt almost cross with herself about this, since her stubbornness had now taken on a new function, which was to preserve her self-esteem and to prevent her from betraying her contrition too evidently. Some aspects of her personality would never change.

The Pain Files

Any intention that Juliette had of maintaining her composure were dispelled summarily by the final two swats from the leather sole, each falling between the first and second pair of swats, on the left and right buttocks respectively, and leaving three perfectly-spaced marks on each buttock, resembling upturned broad-beamed canoes on a golden sandy beach. The intensity of the heat in Juliette’s bottom was something the likes of which she had never before experienced, yet the effect of this disciplinary spanking had entirely the opposite effect to that which she had heard described by anti-spanking campaigners. Far from being made more resentful towards David, she felt a love for him that was more powerful than it had ever been and it was this, not the sharp sting, that released the floods of tears that cascaded down her face.

Carefully, David helped his love to her feet, then stood to enfold her in his arms. He smelt the familiar feminine fragrance of her soft hair, her skin – and the unfamiliar sensation of moisture in his pyjama top as her tears continued.

The couple embraced quietly, tenderly, for several minutes before David helped Juliette to step out of her knickers, unclipped her bra and then guided her to lie face down on the bed whilst he went to place the underwear in the Ali Baba and fetched the cold cream from her dressing table.

The transformation in the heat emanating from her bottom had Juliette completely mystified, as she sank into the sensation of her husband’s gentle attentions to her burning skin. Her mind was in a state of semi-trance now, as the warmth kindled her very potent female nature and as her husband’s tender ministrations soothed away the sharpness of the sting. She tensed, briefly, as she realised that his hand was no longer present on her buttocks, but relaxed again, smiling, as she heard him wiping the cream off with the towel. Her body was already receptive to his exploration as that hand returned and continued with the stoking of other fires, that had already begun before the slipper fell for the first time, in earnest, on her behind.

Over an hour later, as Juliette lay naked, curled up against the warmth of her husband’s firm body, fresh from the shower, her mind drifted slowly to a place where she found a peace she had never known before. It was as if she had discovered a new freedom, the very existence of which was something she might previously have dismissed as laughable male fantasy. She had never experienced such controlled power when she had been taken before and primitive feelings of desire had been awoken in her, as they had in David, who was equally surprised by the power of their closeness and engagement. Never had he previously been so intensely aware of the sensations of deep, fulfilling union with this most beautiful young woman on whom he had made his mark in more senses than one.

As they lay later in the darkness, the intimate melding of their sleeping bodies cloaked beneath the quilt and with only a shaft of dappled moonlight penetrating the curtains through a skeletal tree, a shadow flitted unobserved across the window as an owl headed noiselessly towards the warmth of the barn that was its home.

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Spanked At The Park – P3

Julie kicked off those troublesome panties and scrambled to her feet but not
before the tear-jerker caught her left cheek with a loud smack. This knocked
her off balance and she fell forward onto the palms of her hands with her
bottom high in the air. It was an irresistible target. Tom swung the paddle
like a polo mallet bringing it across Julie’s vulnerable bottom with a
powerful smack that sent her lunging forward. She dashed for the corner
receiving two more stinging swats on the way. Julie then stood in her place
and began rubbing her bottom with feverish intensity and hopping around the
hardwood floor in a manner not unlike a Navajo rain dance.

Tom walked over and placed his hands on her shoulders.

“Now keep that nosy little nose of yours in the corner until I get back!”
he commanded. Then he ran his hands down from her shoulders to her hips.
He pressed his midsection against her burning ass. Julie gasped. She could
feel his hardness pressing into the crack of her raw, aching bottom.
His hands slid around to cup her breasts. Julie’s eyes rolled back in
her head as she quietly moaned as Tom whispered in her ear. “I’ll be
gone half an hour- maybe a bit longer and if you’ve moved one step from
that spot before I get back, you’re going to take another trip on the
old bare-bottom express, understand?”

Julie nodded in agreement. Tom picked up his keys and hat, then decided
to take the paddle along as well.

“But if you’re a good girl, I’ll come back here, bend you over that desk
and take you from behind the way you like. After that, I think I’ll give
you a hand spanking just as a reminder. Then I’ll take you into town for
a steak dinner. What do you say to that?”

“Sounds real good.” Julie said over her shoulder. A big grin was coming over
her tear-stained face. “Can I rub myself while you’re gone?”

“Only your backside, honey. I want the rest of you waiting for me.”

“Hurry back then.” Julie purred as she ran her hands seductively over
the reddened cheeks of her ass.

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Tom’s mouth had gone too dry to answer and so he simply headed out
the door. As he left the ranger’s station, something was troubling him-
that smoke coming from the southwest, near the lake. He called the
registration office on the radio.

“Hey, Pete. Have any campers signed in this morning?”

“No, it’s been pretty dead today.” Pete replied. “A couple of gals in
a jeep drove through this morning, but they didn’t check in or anything.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Tom headed over to a secluded campsite at the southwest corner of the lake
and sure enough, there was a campfire burning and a jeep parked nearby.
He parked his truck near the campfire and looked around. There was a
small tent and a couple of folding chairs near the picnic table.
Apparently, the girls had set up camp without signing in. Tom sat down
at the table to wait. A few minutes later, two attractive women who
appeared to be in their early twenties came wandering out of the woods.
Neither of them seemed at all surprised to see him there. One had short
red hair and the other was a brunette with pigtails. Tom recognized the
brunette immediately.

“Jill Windsor!” he said as he stood to meet them.

“Ranger Tom!” Jill answered back.

She knew that Tom hated that title. Jill Windsor had been camping in
Tom’s corner of the woods for years and knew exactly how to piss him off.

“Don’t call me that.” he said calmly. “What have you been up to, Jill?”

“Well, my friend and I were just looking for berries, but we couldn’t
find any, could we?”

The redhead nodded “no” with a flirtatious grin.

“Oh, this is my friend, Denise. I told her all about you, Ranger Tom.
I told her all about that time you caught me throwing cherry bombs into
the lake to catch fish and how you bent me over a log and paddled my ass.”

“Yeah.” Denise chimed in. “I wish I could have seen that!”

“Uh-huh.” Tom said. “Look, why don’t you just go to the registration
office and sign in? You should have done that in the first place.”

“Well, you know how it is, Ranger Tom-”

“Stop saying that. You know I don’t like it. The last time you called
me ‘Ranger Tom’, I took a switch to your backside.” He looked to Denise.
“Did she tell you about that, too?”

“Oh, she’s told me that one at least a dozen times.” Denise said, glancing
at her friend knowingly. “And it gets better every time I hear it!”

“And what about this?” Tom pointed at the fire.

The girls looked at each other, smirking.

“Uh, what do you mean?” Jill asked with mock innocence.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about! You’re never supposed to leave
a fire unattended!”

“Oh, but Ranger Tom…” Jill started.

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Siris Sexual Spanking – P2

“Shut up!” Siri screamed at him.

“Don’t laugh at me! I hate you!” She flew towards him raising her fists in anger and beating at his bare chest. He caught them both easily in one of his large hands and held them against him. Siri’s temper rose in frustration.

“I hate you. Let me go! Now!” She screamed at him.

“Siri I’m not having this.” He warned her icily using her full name.

“Calm down now.”

“No!” She shouted out in defiance as she brought her left leg back and kicked him on the shin with her bare foot.

“Right that’s it.” He said as he dragged her behind him and into the lounge.

“Let me go!” Siri protested loudly, stumbling after him, she had no choice but to follow him as he led her towards the three-seater sofa and sat down onto it heavily pulling her across his lap and holding her in place with his forearm which he held in a fixed position down the middle of her back from the base of her neck to her waistline.

“No!” She screamed out in protest kicking her legs hard, one beating a tattoo on the leather sofa, the other drumming wildly on the thick carpet.

Mark raised his hand above his head and brought the flat of his palm down on her hard. “Ow! Don’t! Get off of me!” Siri cried out as she tried to wriggle her way off of his lap. Mark smacked her again hitting the other cheek.

“I’m going to teach you to first of all learn to control your temper and secondly to listen properly to what others tell you.” He told as he rained several hard smacks down on her backside, alternating between each cheek.

“I do listen!” Siri protested wriggling harder.

“Ow! Don’t!”

“Not until you learn to behave.” He told her firmly as he spanked her in a continuous rain of blows down on her bum.

“Ow! It hurts.”

“It’s meant to hurt. It’s to calm you down.” He told her as he allowed his hand to hit her more slowly and surely. He cupped his hand and covered each part of her exposed flesh until it reddened before his eyes.

“Ow.” Siri muttered more quietly but still squirmed beneath his touch, trying to escape his hold on her.

“Let me go!” She kicked her leg hard against the sofa in a show of remonstration.

Mark raised his hand above his head and swiped it down as hard as he could manage onto her right cheek before repeating the same treatment to the left side. Siri screamed out at the first smack and broke into tears before screaming again at the second contact.

“Yeow!” She sobbed fighting to catch her breath as Mark struck her. Bringing a hand around she tried to protect her backside from more assaults but Mark gave her a firm “No!” which was emphasised by a short sharp slap and held it behind her back tucked out of the way as he continued to spank her hard making sure he covered all the areas of her backside including the tops of her thighs.

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Siri lay over Mark’s lap feeling weak with tears and her bottom stinging from his continued assault on her. She brought her free arm underneath her head and sobbed into the crook of it feeling sorry for herself as she muttered her protests and cried into the dark corner she had just formed, her words sounding muffled.

“Have you had enough yet?” Mark asked her as he rested his hand on her hot bottom and looked towards the back of her head waiting for her answer. She nodded and cried out.


“You still sound defiant to me.” Mark informed her.

“No!” Siri shrieked trying to lift her head and turn it to look behind her but Mark’s arm firmly held her in place.

“I don’t think you’ve had nearly enough.” He told her coldly.

“I have!” Siri protested loudly.

“Let me go! Please Mark? Please.” She begged him. He kept silent as he spanked her another half a dozen times on each cheek until her backside was pillar box red with her jumping at each smack that landed on her. Her bottom cheeks were tightly clenched against his constant battering and he knew that she had had enough. For now.

He sat back and placed his hands lightly on her back, not holding her in any way but Siri was sobbing too hard to notice that he had released his constraint on her. He kept silent as he watched her thoughtfully as she cried out the pain, anger and frustration she felt at what he had done to her. Finally as the tears subsided and she squirmed in his lap, she realised that it was all over for her. She brought both of her hands to her bum and rubbed it to try and ease the burning pain she felt and make the stinging go away.

“Ow. Ow.” She moaned as her flesh throbbed in the palms of her hands.

“You deserved that.” Mark told her insistently.

Siri could only repeat another

“Ow.” In response.

“You will learn to control your temper and listen to people properly when they tell you something.” Siri sobbed harder at Mark’s stern words.

“Sit up and listen to me.” He persisted. She shook her head but did as he asked.

As she moved back onto all fours to sit up, Mark helped her to stand in front of him where she looked at the floor and kept her hands on her backside where she tried to rub away the hurt.

“I don’t care that you’re a mother. You still behave like a child, a disobedient and selfish one, and you are not going to behave like that around me. Tomorrow we are going shopping and you are going to choose what paddle I am going to spank you with when you misbehave.”

“No.” Siri protested meekly.

“I don’t want to.”

“I don’t care. I am taking you and you will pick something out because you are not going to stop this behaviour, are you?”

“I will.” Siri sobbed.

“No you won’t. Neither your Dad nor I have managed it so far but my God I will spank it out of you!” Mark threatened her harshly.

“I don’t want to.” Siri sobbed rubbing her bottom and looking directly into Mark’s eyes.

“Tomorrow.” He repeated firmly.

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Bethrowed Juliettes Spanking – P5

“I’m not sure what to say, I’ve never been in this situation before.”

David placed his hand over hers………

“Do you want this marriage to continue, Juliette?”

There was a flash of anger in her look as she stared at David, but this soon gave way to the sort of look one might expect to see on the face of a person who has been about to push the wrong button, with disastrous consequences. Whilst the situation may not have been entirely her fault, there was no skirting around the fact that it was she who had brought the discussion to this point. Her tone softened, along with her look, which now exhibited more of the ‘little girl lost’ quality.

David decided that his gambling streak appeared to be going his way and so he persisted……

“I, believe, Juliette, that you want this marriage to succeed every bit as much as I do. Which is why I’ve decided to show you that I am not just a man of words. I mean to show you how much you mean to me and how I intend to give you unmistakable reassurance of that.”

There had been times when Juliette might have interpreted that latter statement as a portent of an addition to her jewellery collection, a trip to her favourite fashion house or an expensive weekend at a very special retreat, but this was not one of those times and a sudden apprehension seized her mind, to the point where she withdrew her hand abruptly and picked up the towel alongside her, as if she needed suddenly to cover herself. She adopted a ‘confused and a little afraid’ look and tried to keep her mind in check as it stumbled in the dark confusion of uncertainty.

David reached out and took hold of her hand again. Firmly, yes. Harshly, most definitely not.

“Juliette, I’m going to put my mark on you, to remind you of who has prior claim in your life.”

He hesitated before moving on, since he knew that the next statement could prove to be the coup de grâce to their relationship if it were misinterpreted. However, the prospect of what it would yield if his instinct were correct was so enticing that he had little difficulty in taking his final gamble of the day, the ‘all or nothing’ bet that sets the adrenal glands into overdrive.

Juliette was too preoccupied with her own uncertainties to note the minute beads of perspiration on David’s forehead. He leaned towards her and whispered quietly……….

“You will accept my closure of this incident or we will need to sit down and think seriously about our future. Do you understand, Juliette?”

There was a strange quality to David’s tone that created a huge tension between Juliette’s desire to flee, no matter where, and her fascination with the effect that his words were having on her mind – and, to her astonishment, on her body.

The Pain Files

Juliette’s stunned silence was as uncharacteristic as David’s previously unheard voice of complete authority in the situation. Acting still on his intuitions, David continued in the confidence that, on this occasion, Juliette’s silence really did give consent, even if she was not yet aware of what she was accepting from her husband.

Neither David nor Juliette was fully aware of the dynamics of what followed and it was almost as if they were actors working their way through an unrehearsed script.

Unrehearsed it may have been, but it was flawless.

Juliette’s mind had been taken over almost completely by her husband’s authority, leaving only her ‘stop’ button entirely within her control, yet she was so completely mesmerised by the combination of David’s voice, his manner, her mental and bodily responses – and the strangest of atmospheres that seemed to have descended upon the room – that she had neither the ability nor the inclination to reach for that button. She watched, almost in a trance, as David turned, sitting at the side of the bed, placed a pillow across his lap and then guided her firmly, but without even a hint of brutality, over the pillow. In her mind, she could see the vision that was now displayed below David’s gaze, as her bottom, encased in the dazzling white second skin that displayed every minute detail of the arousing pattern of intricate curves, was raised slightly above the remainder of her bent form. One of her hands rested on the thick carpet whilst the other sought comfort in the strong, moderately hairy right leg of her husband. Her feet were flexed upwards, the ball of each foot resting on the carpet. Silently, in astonishing compliance with David’s authority, she awaited what her husband chose to administer as ‘closure’. A part of her mind was asking what she – feisty, spirited, independent Juliette – was doing in this posture, awaiting her first-ever experience of a spanking, yet the lines of communication between the rebel centre and her body seemed to be completely jammed by David’s strong presence and control.

Even where there is no rebellion, the body still responds automatically to certain situations and stimuli and Juliette’s bottom was clenched as firmly as her teeth as she awaited her next step into the unknown. Stories she had heard at various times in her life, of spankings given to her friends in childhood and adult life, came flooding back. It was, therefore, something of a surprise to hear David explaining in his soft but authoritative voice why she was in this position and how he intended to put his long-term mark upon her mind, with only a very short-term, but sharp, impact upon her body. She was astonished to feel his right hand fold softly around her, just above the waistband of her knickers, whilst his left hand slid silently, warmly, comfortingly over the fabric of the soft undergarment, following every contour of her cheeks and hips and upper thighs. She became aware of a sensation almost of floating and of a curious mixture of apprehension and a most unusual relaxation filtering through her system.

David noted the visible change in the shape of Juliette’s bottom as she began to relax and felt her legs loosen from their tightly clenched tautness as the great muscles adopted an easier, more relaxed posture. He continued slowly, deliberately and gently, touching Juliette’s body with a great depth of love, almost reverence. He acknowledged to himself how surprising it was that there had been so little protest, but he resolved to continue with his plan. Gradually, he stopped stroking the bottom he adored and asked its owner to lift her hips. It was probably as much a surprise to her as it was to him that her compliance was almost immediate. Carefully, he slipped his hands inside the waistband and rolled the garment down until it formed a broad, white band across the very tops of Juliette’s thighs, exposing buttocks that showed only faintly the area normally enclosed within her bikini bottom.

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Spanked At The Park – P2

“Still mad at me?” Tom asked.

“Well, I’m a bit jealous. I thought you made that paddle to use on me,
not some uppity bitch from the valley!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that.” Tom replied.

Out of the corner of her eye, Julie could see that Tom was reaching into
the desk drawer and taking out the paddle in question. She squealed and
tried to break away, but Tom had already grabbed hold of her left arm.
It was a short struggle that ended with Tom sitting on the edge of his
desk and Julie pinned over his lap.

“What did you think was going to happen? You slapped my face, you
little brat!”

“I was angry!” Julie explained.

“Well, now I’M angry!” Tom said, lifting the paddle.

“Wait! You can at least let me apologize!”

“You’ll have plenty of time for that while you’re standing in the corner!”

With that, Tom brought the paddle down with a loud smack across the
woman’s denim-covered bottom.

“Oooowwww!!!” Julie shouted.

She started to squirm right away, so Tom got a firmer grip on her waist
and threw his right leg over her calves. With Julie in a firm scissor-hold,
the paddling resumed and Tom smacked Julie’s fanny with renewed gusto.

“Yow! You big bully! Ow!”

“Go ahead, get yourself in deeper!” Tom said mockingly between cracks of
the paddle. “I guess I’m just not spanking hard enough!” He started
raising the paddle higher and bringing it down faster. Julie noticed the
increased severity of the blows immediately.

“Oh! No! Ow! I’m sorry! Ouch! Hey, I said I’m sorry!”

“You’ll be sorrier in a minute!”

Tom stood her up and quickly unbuckled her jeans. Stunned and out of
breath, all Julie could do was stand and watch as he yanked her pants
and panties down past her thighs. The next thing she knew, she was back
over Tom’s knee staring at the top of his desk as the paddle began a
vicious assault on her bare ass cheeks. Tom held the handle of the paddle
tightly and swung the flat end with vigor as Julie began to kick and cry
out loud.

“Ooh! Tom, please! Ow! I promise I’ll- Ouch! I’ll never hit you again!”

“Damn straight!” he replied with a volley of swats that quickly had Julie
begging for mercy.

“Owww! Okay! That’s enough! Ouch! I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!”

Tom ignored her pleas. Instead, he started to concentrate on the lower part
of Julie’s bottom, just above her thighs- an area that Tom liked to call
“the sweet spot“. After landing swat after swat to that one location for
a minute or so, Julie was ready to promise anything if he’d only stop.
She was yelling something to him, but her pathetic blubbering made the
words incoherent. It didn’t really matter to Tom anyway. This little girl
had thrown a rock at a hornet’s nest and now she was going to get stung!
He continued paddling Julie’s bottom soundly as he scolded her for having
such a wicked temper.

“You get yourself all worked up over nothing!” he said between swats.
“Then you come up here and explode all over me! Well, you should know
by now that I don’t react well to that kind of behavior! If a man talked
that way to me, I’d punch his lights out!” He punctuated each thought with
a particularly hard swat. Her voice too spent to yell, Julie lowered her head
and whimpered as Tom continued the spanking and the lecture. “Luckily, I
know how to handle a hot-headed little brat like you! You just need to have
your pants pulled down and your bottom blistered now and then. I pity any
man dealing with you who doesn’t figure that out!”

Tom kept spanking her bottom until it was as red as a radish and her body
was as limp as a noodle. He then put the tear-jerker down on the desk
and pushed Julie from his lap.

“Now you hustle your hot little buns over to that corner or I’ll paddle
them again!”

Julie was already scampering to the corner by the time she hit the floor.
She tried to run but got tripped up by her panties which were sill bunched
around her ankles and fell face-first onto the bearskin rug with a
loud thud. She burst into tears once again and looked over her shoulder
for sympathy only to see Tom coming at her with the paddle.

“You get into that corner!” he growled.

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