Siris Sexual Spanking – P2

“Shut up!” Siri screamed at him.

“Don’t laugh at me! I hate you!” She flew towards him raising her fists in anger and beating at his bare chest. He caught them both easily in one of his large hands and held them against him. Siri’s temper rose in frustration.

“I hate you. Let me go! Now!” She screamed at him.

“Siri I’m not having this.” He warned her icily using her full name.

“Calm down now.”

“No!” She shouted out in defiance as she brought her left leg back and kicked him on the shin with her bare foot.

“Right that’s it.” He said as he dragged her behind him and into the lounge.

“Let me go!” Siri protested loudly, stumbling after him, she had no choice but to follow him as he led her towards the three-seater sofa and sat down onto it heavily pulling her across his lap and holding her in place with his forearm which he held in a fixed position down the middle of her back from the base of her neck to her waistline.

“No!” She screamed out in protest kicking her legs hard, one beating a tattoo on the leather sofa, the other drumming wildly on the thick carpet.

Mark raised his hand above his head and brought the flat of his palm down on her hard. “Ow! Don’t! Get off of me!” Siri cried out as she tried to wriggle her way off of his lap. Mark smacked her again hitting the other cheek.

“I’m going to teach you to first of all learn to control your temper and secondly to listen properly to what others tell you.” He told as he rained several hard smacks down on her backside, alternating between each cheek.

“I do listen!” Siri protested wriggling harder.

“Ow! Don’t!”

“Not until you learn to behave.” He told her firmly as he spanked her in a continuous rain of blows down on her bum.

“Ow! It hurts.”

“It’s meant to hurt. It’s to calm you down.” He told her as he allowed his hand to hit her more slowly and surely. He cupped his hand and covered each part of her exposed flesh until it reddened before his eyes.

“Ow.” Siri muttered more quietly but still squirmed beneath his touch, trying to escape his hold on her.

“Let me go!” She kicked her leg hard against the sofa in a show of remonstration.

Mark raised his hand above his head and swiped it down as hard as he could manage onto her right cheek before repeating the same treatment to the left side. Siri screamed out at the first smack and broke into tears before screaming again at the second contact.

“Yeow!” She sobbed fighting to catch her breath as Mark struck her. Bringing a hand around she tried to protect her backside from more assaults but Mark gave her a firm “No!” which was emphasised by a short sharp slap and held it behind her back tucked out of the way as he continued to spank her hard making sure he covered all the areas of her backside including the tops of her thighs.

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Siri lay over Mark’s lap feeling weak with tears and her bottom stinging from his continued assault on her. She brought her free arm underneath her head and sobbed into the crook of it feeling sorry for herself as she muttered her protests and cried into the dark corner she had just formed, her words sounding muffled.

“Have you had enough yet?” Mark asked her as he rested his hand on her hot bottom and looked towards the back of her head waiting for her answer. She nodded and cried out.


“You still sound defiant to me.” Mark informed her.

“No!” Siri shrieked trying to lift her head and turn it to look behind her but Mark’s arm firmly held her in place.

“I don’t think you’ve had nearly enough.” He told her coldly.

“I have!” Siri protested loudly.

“Let me go! Please Mark? Please.” She begged him. He kept silent as he spanked her another half a dozen times on each cheek until her backside was pillar box red with her jumping at each smack that landed on her. Her bottom cheeks were tightly clenched against his constant battering and he knew that she had had enough. For now.

He sat back and placed his hands lightly on her back, not holding her in any way but Siri was sobbing too hard to notice that he had released his constraint on her. He kept silent as he watched her thoughtfully as she cried out the pain, anger and frustration she felt at what he had done to her. Finally as the tears subsided and she squirmed in his lap, she realised that it was all over for her. She brought both of her hands to her bum and rubbed it to try and ease the burning pain she felt and make the stinging go away.

“Ow. Ow.” She moaned as her flesh throbbed in the palms of her hands.

“You deserved that.” Mark told her insistently.

Siri could only repeat another

“Ow.” In response.

“You will learn to control your temper and listen to people properly when they tell you something.” Siri sobbed harder at Mark’s stern words.

“Sit up and listen to me.” He persisted. She shook her head but did as he asked.

As she moved back onto all fours to sit up, Mark helped her to stand in front of him where she looked at the floor and kept her hands on her backside where she tried to rub away the hurt.

“I don’t care that you’re a mother. You still behave like a child, a disobedient and selfish one, and you are not going to behave like that around me. Tomorrow we are going shopping and you are going to choose what paddle I am going to spank you with when you misbehave.”

“No.” Siri protested meekly.

“I don’t want to.”

“I don’t care. I am taking you and you will pick something out because you are not going to stop this behaviour, are you?”

“I will.” Siri sobbed.

“No you won’t. Neither your Dad nor I have managed it so far but my God I will spank it out of you!” Mark threatened her harshly.

“I don’t want to.” Siri sobbed rubbing her bottom and looking directly into Mark’s eyes.

“Tomorrow.” He repeated firmly.

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Bethrowed Juliettes Spanking – P5

“I’m not sure what to say, I’ve never been in this situation before.”

David placed his hand over hers………

“Do you want this marriage to continue, Juliette?”

There was a flash of anger in her look as she stared at David, but this soon gave way to the sort of look one might expect to see on the face of a person who has been about to push the wrong button, with disastrous consequences. Whilst the situation may not have been entirely her fault, there was no skirting around the fact that it was she who had brought the discussion to this point. Her tone softened, along with her look, which now exhibited more of the ‘little girl lost’ quality.

David decided that his gambling streak appeared to be going his way and so he persisted……

“I, believe, Juliette, that you want this marriage to succeed every bit as much as I do. Which is why I’ve decided to show you that I am not just a man of words. I mean to show you how much you mean to me and how I intend to give you unmistakable reassurance of that.”

There had been times when Juliette might have interpreted that latter statement as a portent of an addition to her jewellery collection, a trip to her favourite fashion house or an expensive weekend at a very special retreat, but this was not one of those times and a sudden apprehension seized her mind, to the point where she withdrew her hand abruptly and picked up the towel alongside her, as if she needed suddenly to cover herself. She adopted a ‘confused and a little afraid’ look and tried to keep her mind in check as it stumbled in the dark confusion of uncertainty.

David reached out and took hold of her hand again. Firmly, yes. Harshly, most definitely not.

“Juliette, I’m going to put my mark on you, to remind you of who has prior claim in your life.”

He hesitated before moving on, since he knew that the next statement could prove to be the coup de grâce to their relationship if it were misinterpreted. However, the prospect of what it would yield if his instinct were correct was so enticing that he had little difficulty in taking his final gamble of the day, the ‘all or nothing’ bet that sets the adrenal glands into overdrive.

Juliette was too preoccupied with her own uncertainties to note the minute beads of perspiration on David’s forehead. He leaned towards her and whispered quietly……….

“You will accept my closure of this incident or we will need to sit down and think seriously about our future. Do you understand, Juliette?”

There was a strange quality to David’s tone that created a huge tension between Juliette’s desire to flee, no matter where, and her fascination with the effect that his words were having on her mind – and, to her astonishment, on her body.

The Pain Files

Juliette’s stunned silence was as uncharacteristic as David’s previously unheard voice of complete authority in the situation. Acting still on his intuitions, David continued in the confidence that, on this occasion, Juliette’s silence really did give consent, even if she was not yet aware of what she was accepting from her husband.

Neither David nor Juliette was fully aware of the dynamics of what followed and it was almost as if they were actors working their way through an unrehearsed script.

Unrehearsed it may have been, but it was flawless.

Juliette’s mind had been taken over almost completely by her husband’s authority, leaving only her ‘stop’ button entirely within her control, yet she was so completely mesmerised by the combination of David’s voice, his manner, her mental and bodily responses – and the strangest of atmospheres that seemed to have descended upon the room – that she had neither the ability nor the inclination to reach for that button. She watched, almost in a trance, as David turned, sitting at the side of the bed, placed a pillow across his lap and then guided her firmly, but without even a hint of brutality, over the pillow. In her mind, she could see the vision that was now displayed below David’s gaze, as her bottom, encased in the dazzling white second skin that displayed every minute detail of the arousing pattern of intricate curves, was raised slightly above the remainder of her bent form. One of her hands rested on the thick carpet whilst the other sought comfort in the strong, moderately hairy right leg of her husband. Her feet were flexed upwards, the ball of each foot resting on the carpet. Silently, in astonishing compliance with David’s authority, she awaited what her husband chose to administer as ‘closure’. A part of her mind was asking what she – feisty, spirited, independent Juliette – was doing in this posture, awaiting her first-ever experience of a spanking, yet the lines of communication between the rebel centre and her body seemed to be completely jammed by David’s strong presence and control.

Even where there is no rebellion, the body still responds automatically to certain situations and stimuli and Juliette’s bottom was clenched as firmly as her teeth as she awaited her next step into the unknown. Stories she had heard at various times in her life, of spankings given to her friends in childhood and adult life, came flooding back. It was, therefore, something of a surprise to hear David explaining in his soft but authoritative voice why she was in this position and how he intended to put his long-term mark upon her mind, with only a very short-term, but sharp, impact upon her body. She was astonished to feel his right hand fold softly around her, just above the waistband of her knickers, whilst his left hand slid silently, warmly, comfortingly over the fabric of the soft undergarment, following every contour of her cheeks and hips and upper thighs. She became aware of a sensation almost of floating and of a curious mixture of apprehension and a most unusual relaxation filtering through her system.

David noted the visible change in the shape of Juliette’s bottom as she began to relax and felt her legs loosen from their tightly clenched tautness as the great muscles adopted an easier, more relaxed posture. He continued slowly, deliberately and gently, touching Juliette’s body with a great depth of love, almost reverence. He acknowledged to himself how surprising it was that there had been so little protest, but he resolved to continue with his plan. Gradually, he stopped stroking the bottom he adored and asked its owner to lift her hips. It was probably as much a surprise to her as it was to him that her compliance was almost immediate. Carefully, he slipped his hands inside the waistband and rolled the garment down until it formed a broad, white band across the very tops of Juliette’s thighs, exposing buttocks that showed only faintly the area normally enclosed within her bikini bottom.

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Spanked At The Park – P2

“Still mad at me?” Tom asked.

“Well, I’m a bit jealous. I thought you made that paddle to use on me,
not some uppity bitch from the valley!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that.” Tom replied.

Out of the corner of her eye, Julie could see that Tom was reaching into
the desk drawer and taking out the paddle in question. She squealed and
tried to break away, but Tom had already grabbed hold of her left arm.
It was a short struggle that ended with Tom sitting on the edge of his
desk and Julie pinned over his lap.

“What did you think was going to happen? You slapped my face, you
little brat!”

“I was angry!” Julie explained.

“Well, now I’M angry!” Tom said, lifting the paddle.

“Wait! You can at least let me apologize!”

“You’ll have plenty of time for that while you’re standing in the corner!”

With that, Tom brought the paddle down with a loud smack across the
woman’s denim-covered bottom.

“Oooowwww!!!” Julie shouted.

She started to squirm right away, so Tom got a firmer grip on her waist
and threw his right leg over her calves. With Julie in a firm scissor-hold,
the paddling resumed and Tom smacked Julie’s fanny with renewed gusto.

“Yow! You big bully! Ow!”

“Go ahead, get yourself in deeper!” Tom said mockingly between cracks of
the paddle. “I guess I’m just not spanking hard enough!” He started
raising the paddle higher and bringing it down faster. Julie noticed the
increased severity of the blows immediately.

“Oh! No! Ow! I’m sorry! Ouch! Hey, I said I’m sorry!”

“You’ll be sorrier in a minute!”

Tom stood her up and quickly unbuckled her jeans. Stunned and out of
breath, all Julie could do was stand and watch as he yanked her pants
and panties down past her thighs. The next thing she knew, she was back
over Tom’s knee staring at the top of his desk as the paddle began a
vicious assault on her bare ass cheeks. Tom held the handle of the paddle
tightly and swung the flat end with vigor as Julie began to kick and cry
out loud.

“Ooh! Tom, please! Ow! I promise I’ll- Ouch! I’ll never hit you again!”

“Damn straight!” he replied with a volley of swats that quickly had Julie
begging for mercy.

“Owww! Okay! That’s enough! Ouch! I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!”

Tom ignored her pleas. Instead, he started to concentrate on the lower part
of Julie’s bottom, just above her thighs- an area that Tom liked to call
“the sweet spot“. After landing swat after swat to that one location for
a minute or so, Julie was ready to promise anything if he’d only stop.
She was yelling something to him, but her pathetic blubbering made the
words incoherent. It didn’t really matter to Tom anyway. This little girl
had thrown a rock at a hornet’s nest and now she was going to get stung!
He continued paddling Julie’s bottom soundly as he scolded her for having
such a wicked temper.

“You get yourself all worked up over nothing!” he said between swats.
“Then you come up here and explode all over me! Well, you should know
by now that I don’t react well to that kind of behavior! If a man talked
that way to me, I’d punch his lights out!” He punctuated each thought with
a particularly hard swat. Her voice too spent to yell, Julie lowered her head
and whimpered as Tom continued the spanking and the lecture. “Luckily, I
know how to handle a hot-headed little brat like you! You just need to have
your pants pulled down and your bottom blistered now and then. I pity any
man dealing with you who doesn’t figure that out!”

Tom kept spanking her bottom until it was as red as a radish and her body
was as limp as a noodle. He then put the tear-jerker down on the desk
and pushed Julie from his lap.

“Now you hustle your hot little buns over to that corner or I’ll paddle
them again!”

Julie was already scampering to the corner by the time she hit the floor.
She tried to run but got tripped up by her panties which were sill bunched
around her ankles and fell face-first onto the bearskin rug with a
loud thud. She burst into tears once again and looked over her shoulder
for sympathy only to see Tom coming at her with the paddle.

“You get into that corner!” he growled.

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Siris Sexual Spanking – P1

Mark’s hands wandered to her breasts and toyed with her nipples in a lazy manner.

“Did you enjoy that?” He asked her with a satisfied grin, knowing full well she had. She rested her head into the crook of his neck and said,

“Couldn’t you tell?”

“I’m surprised you didn’t wake the baby!” He teased her.

“I couldn’t help it. That was so intense.”

He kissed her neck and agreed with her.

“I know.” Mark gave a pleasurable sigh before adding,

“I don’t think I would ever grow bored of you. You challenge me in so many ways.” Siri stiffened slightly in his arms but said nothing.

“Oh oh. What have I said?”

“Nothing.” She said firmly and attempted to stand up and move away from him.

Mark allowed her the freedom to move but followed her to arise himself and stand next to her.

“Come on, let’s have it.” He whispered his breath hot against her neck, close to her earlobe. She shook her head and kept her eyes averted away from his.

“I must have said something to upset you?” He said calmly allowing his breath to blow hot air onto her bare skin. She shivered in response.

“Tell me.” He pleaded with her. Turning her body so that she stood in front of him, she threw her arms around his neck and burrowed her head into his shoulder.

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“Oh dear, I have made you feel insecure, haven’t I?” He teased her as he stroked her back. She nodded against his chest, feeling her cheeks growing hot with embarrassment; she couldn’t bring herself to look at him.

“What did I say honey?” He asked her walking his fingers up and down her spine.

“I can’t bare the thought of you going off with someone else.” She mumbled so low that he could barely catch the words.

“Sh. We’ve had this conversation before, haven’t we?” She nodded against him.

“But you said…”

“Sh. I didn’t say I was going to leave you or anything of the sort, did I?” He cut her off. Before she could respond to him, he went on.

“What I said was quite the opposite in fact! I said I wouldn’t get bored with you.”

“But you said I was challenging, as if it was wrong of me to be like that!” His knuckles reached up and brushed the side of her face before he answered her.

“What I meant was that you keep me on my toes both in and out of bed!” He laughed. “Anyway I’ve told you before you’re a challenging character.” She nodded remembering back.

“What I meant today is how responsive you are to any new sexual suggestion that I make. You’re always so passionate. You don’t realise what a gift that is.”

“By that you mean your ex-wife hated sex!” She threw at him defensively pulling back out of his arms. He let her go and watched her as she braced herself against the work surface, her knuckles showing white as she clenched the kitchen sink behind her.

“No that isn’t what I meant at all! Jesus! You’re so difficult sometimes, everything I say you take the wrong way!”

“So she was good in bed then?”

“Siri I’m not even going down that road so didn’t even try and go there!” He warned her threateningly.

“That means she was.” Siri muttered to herself.

“Of she would be. Why wouldn’t she be? She was a model wasn’t she? I bet she had loads of men around her, not like me cooped up in an all girl’s school, not knowing any men except my Dad and my brothers. Stupid naïve little Siri!” She taunted herself in a mimicking voice.

“Siri stop it now! I am not going to get involved in this argument. We’re just going to end up going around in circles. We’ve already had this conversation before. You take everything I say the opposite way to what I actually mean! I’m not going to keep explaining myself to you every five minutes because you don’t listen in the first place!”

“I do listen!” Siri shouted at him.

“Is that why you had such a wonderful relationship with your Dad then? Because you always listened to everything he said? Hm? Is that what this afternoon was all about?” He asked her sarcastically.

“Fuck off Mark!” She cursed at him in temper.

“Oh getting too near the truth now, are we?”

“I hate you!”

“Really?” He raised one eyebrow at her in disbelief.

“Then why did you just let me make love to you on the kitchen floor?”

“I didn’t! I…” Mark squawked with laughter interrupting whatever Siri had intended to say.

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Bethrowed Juliettes Spanking – P4

Juliette had been lost in her own thoughts whilst David sat, as she supposed, reading quietly. She had welcomed him home warmly and sincerely upon his return from Birmingham Airport and there had been no lack of genuineness in her embrace and kiss, yet she knew that she was being torn, for there could be no denying that her affections were being drawn, in part, towards the alluring persona of this new light in her social life, a light so different from that safe light to which she had become accustomed. A light flecked with hints of mystery and wildness. It excited her and she was not entirely uncomfortable with that. Thus, it took three attempts before David’s quiet voice interrupted her reverie, as she was folding her jeans. Once the contact had been made, she turned and smiled at him.

“What’s up, Ike?”, she asked, in a voice that was pure delight to David, whose admiration of Isambard Kingdom Brunel had earned him this potentially misleading sobriquet.

David smiled and looked at her for a few moments, stirring very normally and healthily at the sight of his wife, standing, half turned towards him, wearing only a dazzling white bra and shorties – contrasting irresistibly with the golden brown of her diligently-maintained tan – and champagne-coloured hold-ups. The combination of curves, from her elegant shoulders down to her shapely legs, never failed to take David’s breath away – not that Juliette was always allowed to know this! David’s gaze focused momentarily on the beautifully enticing curvature of Juliette’s firm bottom, to which the tailored shortie knickers clung like a second skin. His mind was made up. Juliette was about to witness and experience something that would have one of two effects.

The Pain Files

As an engineer, David knew that there were, basically, two options available to someone faced with structural problems. Either repair them or take the structure apart and start again. The latter option, with the thought of losing Juliette, made David feel physically ill, but a new element was making its presence felt in his thought processes, a willingness to take a major gamble in order to save something very special. He suddenly realised how physicians and surgeons must sometimes feel, when going beyond the safe boundaries of established practice, in their endeavours to advance the cause of Medicine and Surgery. The nettle had to be grasped and there was no time to lose. Within a matter of days, the structural faults could prove irreparable.

David smiled at Juliette, put his magazine down and beckoned to her to come across and sit by him on the bed. She laughed and said something about his need to be patient and wait, as she had a busy day tomorrow and didn’t want to be late getting to sleep. Her continuing giggles and move towards the bathroom were halted in their tracks by David’s next question.

“Would Mark also have to wait, Sparks .. or should I say ‘Honeyvix’?”

Juliette was on the verge of demonstrating how she had acquired the first of those two nicknames when she wisely thought better of it and turned round, with an expression that was a strange mixture of astonishment, uncertainty, even a hint of contrition. David remained surprisingly cool – surprising even to himself – and beckoned once again.

“Come and sit here, please, there are things we need to talk about?”

Juliette tried a very brief foray into the ‘affronted party’ scenario and was about to accuse her husband of spying on her when the prudence function in her mind re-ran the mental record of how she had sent the email to Mark, signed ‘Honeyvix’. She flushed as she recalled how her finger must have slipped whilst entering the address and how she had not looked to check that it was the correct one before sending the message and deleting the copy from the ‘Sent items’ folder. A change of tactics was needed – urgently.

As Juliette’s arms flexed and her hands rested on her waist, just above the exquisitely feminine roundness of her hips, David realised that, thus far, the scenario was developing as he had predicted to himself. Now she would try the ‘what do you expect me to do on my own for days at a time’ routine, which had come up on previous occasions during pillow talk, although couched in different terms. Again, the prediction proved correct. David remained silent, and continued to beckon to his wife. For some reason, of which she was not entirely certain herself, her stubbornness refused to yield to reason and chose, instead, to persevere in ‘injured party’ mode. The stand-off continued, along with the monologue that formed the steadily weakening defence that Juliette was desperately trying to put together.

It was at this point that David faced his most difficult choice of all – when to fire the single torpedo which, if it went astray, could destroy all that he and Juliette had worked to establish over the past six years. In such matters, precise science has little part to play. Intuition is all. David pressed the ‘Fire’ button.

“Do you want this marriage to sink, Juliette?”

His wife knew instantly how serious the situation was, for David hardly ever used her real name – and then only for verbal rebuke. She had never had to face anything stronger than a well-reasoned, caring dressing down from the man who, she was confident, depended upon her as she, if she would only admit it, depended upon him. Somehow, though, she sensed that this was not to be such an occasion. The stakes were far higher and the torpedo was heading straight for her stubbornness hull. She had two choices…….. either she could call his bluff and walk out or she could take the gamble and see what lay ahead for the two of them. She shivered and her hands moved almost of their own accord, for no valid reason, to her bottom. She looked her husband straight in the eye and fixed him in her gaze. Her decision was made. Her position was held and the torpedo duly struck, with full impact, in a devastating broadside to her pride and stubbornness. For the first time in many years, a tear of remorse formed in the corner of her eye. Her left hand moved quickly to erase the evidence, but it was too late. Slowly, she walked towards David and sat on the bed beside him.

“OK, Ike, so you found out. What now?”

David remained silent for a few moments.

“What do you want to do now, Juliette?”

Juliette imagined, for a fleeting moment, that a quick and skilful back-hand volley might just catch David off guard and give her the edge, but she knew instinctively that she was wrong. She fidgeted with the duvet cover and looked down.

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Spanked At The Park – P1

There was a gentle wind blowing off the lake. From where he stood in the
ranger’s station, Tom Walker could see the tips of a thousand Douglas firs
bending with the breeze. The treetops rolled like a dark green ocean.
Tom poured himself a cup of coffee and picked up his binoculars.
Taking a sip, he put the high-powered lenses to his eyes and scanned
the woods. Mid-morning is a good time of the day for a forest ranger.
There’s nothing much to do, the coffee is fresh and the world looks perfect.
His gaze meandered past the trees, over the bluffs and across the lake.
He focused in on a small trail of smoke coming from the southwest corner
of the woods. It seemed odd because Tom didn’t know of any campers out
that way. Deciding to investigate, Tom threw on his jacket and headed
for the door. But before he could leave, he was met in the hallway by
Julie Bramble who had just walked in. Julie was a counselor at Running Bear
Summer Camp a few miles away. In their three year association, Tom had
become more than friends with Julie. She was a buxom, twenty-five year old
with short auburn hair and a winning smile. She wasn’t smiling right
then, however.

“I want to talk to you!” she stated, planting herself between the ranger
and the door.”

“You mean you want to talk AT me, don’t you?”

“I’m serious!” Julie said. “There’s a rumor going around about you and that
horse rancher from the valley!”

“Really? Where did you hear this rumor?” Tom asked.

“At the Flat Branch Bar. I heard folks talking about you and that Davis
woman just last night.”

“First of all, her name is Braire- Letitia Braire. And what were you
doing at the Flat Branch? You don’t drink!”

“If you must know, I was looking for you.” Julie said. “I went by your
cabin last night and you weren’t there, so I figured you must have gone
into town. Look, don’t try to change the subject! People are talking about
you and that woman and it just doesn’t look very… professional!”

“Well, what are they saying?” he asked.

“What do you THINK they’re saying?!”

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“I don’t know. She’s a fine looking woman. She is unattached and I’ve been
over to her place a few times. Maybe people think we’re seeing each other.”

“No, they think you’re BANGING each other! Some say they know it for
a fact!”

“Who says they know it for a fact?”

“Debbie Morrow! Julie shot back. “She’s heard all about it!”

“Oh, come on! She’s a waitress in a bar! She’s bound to hear all kinds
of wild stories!”

“Debbie heard this story from Miss Braire herself! She told Debbie that
you two had a little meeting in the woods and that afterward she couldn’t
ride her horse for days!”

Tom thought about it a moment, then burst into laughter.

“It’s not funny!” Julie shouted.

“It is if you know the whole story!”

“So is it true?” she demanded.

“Not really. I mean, I didn’t give it too her THAT hard!”

Julie brought her hand across Tom’s face so fast that he almost bit
his tongue.

“You bastard!” she hissed as she turned to leave. Tom snapped out of
his momentary daze and grabbed Julie by the arm.

“Hey, wait a minute!”

“Get away!” Julie said, trying to slap him again.

But this time Tom grabbed her other arm before she could strike. He held
Julie’s arms at her sides as he calmly spoke.

“Hold on now. I think you misunderstood.” he said, guiding Julie to
a nearby chair and sitting her down. “I did run into Letitia in the woods
the other day and we did have a little meeting, but believe me, it was
anything but friendly! See, I found her riding her horse near the east side
of the lake which is way off the horse trail. I drove up and told her
that it wasn’t a safe place for riding and offered to escort her back to
the trail. She argued for a while then gave me the old one-fingered salute
and rode off. So I got back in my truck and followed her until I had her
cornered near the foothills. I was so angry by then that I was thinking
about hauling her into the sheriff’s office, but then I had a better idea.
I remembered that trusty oak paddle of mine in the glove box, so I decided
to give her a taste of the tear-jerker.”

“You didn’t!” Julie gasped.

“I did! And you should have seen the look on her face when I came out
of the truck with that paddle in my hand!”

“Did she make a run for it?”

“She didn’t have time! I dragged her down off that horse and over to a
fallen tree before she could blink. Then I hauled her over my lap and
started whacking her fanny. Boy, did she start yelling! Worse than you do!”

“I don’t blame her!” Julie said, remembering her last encounter with that
particular paddle. “You spank hard with that thing!”

“She deserved every swat she got! Anyway, I paddled her for a good minute
or two and when I stood her up she was bawling and rubbing her bottom like
a teenager!”

“I bet you liked that!”

“Well, she did look awful cute. Not as cute as you, of course.”

Tom lifted Julie’s chin with his right hand. He leaned in and their lips
met in a soft kiss. All the tension in Julie’s body fell to the floor.

“So all you did was spank her?” she whispered as she wrapped her arms
around Tom’s shoulders.

“Yeah.” he whispered back. “Then I told her that next time I caught her,
I’d use my belt. After she stopped crying, she apologized, got on her horse
and rode away. So she couldn’t have been THAT sore! She must have been
exaggerating when she told the story to Debbie.”

“Not only that,” Julie added. “but the way Debbie told me the story,
it sounded like something completely different happened out in those woods.”

“There you go, that’s how rumors get started. Somebody exaggerates, then
someone else puts their spin on the story and the next thing you know
there’s a big scandal! I think I’ll drop by the Flat Branch this weekend.
Let’s see if Debbie can talk her way out of her own trip to the woodshed!”

They both laughed as they shared a tight embrace. Tom picked Julie up in
his arms and sat her down on the edge of the desk. She wrapped her legs
around Tom’s waist as they kissed once again.

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Marias Bad Behaviour – P2

Mark sat her up, and wiped her tears away. “Now about those house rules”. Your bad attitude will no longer be tolerated. If by some chance you choose to display it again, you will receive the same of what you just got a small taste of. And by the way, don’t think for one minute this punishment is over with yet. We have only just begun. Fresh tears flowed down Marias cheeks. I work hard all day and will not tolerate disrespect from you when I get home at night. Do you understand?… Maria nodded her head.. Mark took Marias chin in his hand… “I want to hear your answers please”…. In a very low voice, Maria answered “yes”…. Do you remember what we agreed upon when we got married Maria?. You would stay home and take care of our house and someday our children. Maria knew what was coming next. If I ever come home to a mess like this while you are out in the pool, there will be severe consequences to pay… Do I make myself perfectly clear?. Mark waited for Marias answer.. Without looking at Mark, Maria just answered ‘Yes sir”. Good… that’s my girl… Mark leans over and kisses Maria’s head.

Now, to finish your punishment for these last few months of bad behavior. You will have no pool time tomorrow. No matter what, you are not to go out of this house tomorrow. Is that understood? Maria started to protest.. but the look in Mark’s eyes stopped her in her tracks… She backed down.. “Yes sir” she answered. (Mark was beginning to like this…) and you will receive 10 more spanks with this wooden spoon, without complaint. Maria hung her head as new tears dripped onto her lap. After your punishment is over, you will go straight upstairs to bed.. Understand?… A faint Yes was all he needed.

The Pain Files

Mark turned Maria back over his lap and positioned her so she was as comfortable as she could be under these circumstances. He could have gotten his point across without the last spanking, but he wanted to make sure she knew he meant business. He picked up the wooden spoon and rubbed it across her naked skin… Every muscle in her entire body stiffened… CRACK… Mark counted them all out… slow and steady… all 10 spanks, without so much as a peek out of Maria… Her ass was bright red.. Was it all from her punishment or maybe some was from the sunburn she had ?. He helped her up off his lap… turned her toward him and pulled her bikini bottoms back up.. Mark stood up and took Maria in his arms… Kissing her as she cried… He held her for just a few minutes, and told her it was time she went to bed. She turned to walk away and he patted her butt. A smile came across her lips that Mark could not see… She slowly ascended the stairs and went to bed.

The next day, Mark pulled into the driveway at his usual time. He wondered what Maria had been up to all day. Or was she even still here?.. He was pretty rough on her last night. Even though she deserved exactly what she got. He loved his wife, but could no longer live like he was… The more he thought about it, the more he was sure she would be gone. He reached up to unlock the door and it flew open . There was Maria… all smiles .. She threw her arms around Mark’s neck and kissed him like she hadn’t seen him in months. He instantly knew he had made the right choice and tonight was going to be so much different than last night…

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Bethrowed Juliettes Spanking – P3

Just over twenty-four hours later, David was sitting in bed, reading a magazine, when Juliette entered their bedroom and walked across to the dressing table. She crossed her arms and took hold of the hem of her tailored white T-shirt, with her company’s logo embroidered neatly into the lower right-hand corner. As she often did, she watched her reflection as she pulled the garment up slowly and over her head, before shaking it out and taking it to the Ali Baba in the corner of the room, by the bathroom door.

David lowered his magazine and watched the ritual with interest, pondering the thought that this girl was still able to stimulate him as powerfully as she had ever done. Indeed, he was about to allow his thoughts to wander distractedly along that path when the more pressing need brought itself afresh to the forefront of his mind and his thoughts went back to the strange e-mail he had received that morning in his hotel in Nuremberg. At first, he had put the use of the wrong Christian name down to a lapse of memory, for Juliette had a cousin by the name of Mark, but as he had read the e-mail, it became apparent that the cousin had not been in her mind at all.

Lawyers would have had their time cut out trying to draw any conclusive proof of misplaced intentions on the part of Juliette, but a husband who suspects he may be losing his wife’s affections does not work to Judges’ rules and the instruction of his mind is not subject to the provisions set out in the Police & Criminal Evidence Act. Suspicion alone is enough to provoke a response from a man who feels threatened. This having been said, David’s response was not conventional – for one very good reason. His life revolved around Juliette and her happiness, so it would hardly have been appropriate to lay into her verbally and risk saying things that could do irreparable damage to their relationship. As for physical intervention, if this was to happen, it would have to be very different from that which he had witnessed throughout his childhood and adolescence, as his long-suffering but deeply loyal and devoted mother had tolerated, without demur, the violent manifestations of inadequacy to which his father -like his father before him – had always been prone, whenever things did not go entirely his way. David had been appalled at this, but had, at the urgent insistence of his mother, resisted the temptation to challenge his father. The abuse had, nevertheless, left mental and physical scars on both wife and son.

To many people, the options would have been either to leave home at the earliest date or to tackle the problem head-on. David, however, was not ‘most people’ and he had resolved to find a way of dealing this that would leave minimal problems in its wake. To an extent, he had been successful and information had actually reached the single neurone that usually controlled Bob Malence’ sad life, telling him that it might be wise not to provoke even a mild-mannered son, who might yet prove unpredictable and might not always acquiesce to his mother’s pacifying entreaties. Thus, once David had become a man, Bob had decided that the best way to cope with his inadequacy would be to pickle it in alcohol and hope that it would cease to trouble him. It had been an effective course of action, but one that had left him as inanimate on the inside as he was incommunicative on the outside. As for Juliette, it was difficult to tell which of the options would have been better, but at least she was no longer in physical pain.

Whilst David was processing these thoughts at lightning speed in his mind, a parallel process was in operation, seeking to work out a strategy for preventing the collapse of the most precious structure amongst all his designs. The conclusion that he reached, as he watched Juliette’s reflection in her mirror, as she lowered the zip fastener on her beautifully-tailored jeans, would have startled onlookers even more than news of the marriage had stunned the families.

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Cinema Spanking

You and I are at a movie theater. We have the
 back row all to ourselves. No more than a minute
 after the lights have dimmed, you begin slipping
 your hand beneath the box of popcorn on my lap
 to give me an unexpected massage. I flinch in
 surprise at first and slap your hand away out
 of propriety. But after you make another advance
 beneath the popcorn, I find myself with a rather
 powerful involuntary hard-on. My whispered warnings
 for you to behave go unheeded. By the time the
 previews have ended and the feature has begun,
 you’ve managed to unzip my trousers and have worked
 your fingers into my briefs. When I mention that
 you’ll soon be in for a bottom-warming, you simply
 giggle and continue your game of pinch the pickle.
 After a few more squeezes, I place the popcorn box
 on the floor, grab hold of you and pull your
 wriggling frame across my lap. For a moment or two
 I hold you firmly in place, rubbing and kneading
 your ass cheeks as a prelude to the spanking you
 so richly deserve. Then, as something loud happens
 on the screen, I give the back of your skirt a
 sound smack. I wait for more noise and when the
 audience breaks into laughter, I spank you three
 more times in quick succession. This goes on for
 several minutes- something loud happens in the
 movie and you get a swat. The audience reacts
 and you get two smacks to your shapely rump.
 Then, just as I raise my hand to continue,
 I am blinded by an usher’s flashlight.
 Momentarily stunned, I silently hold you in
 place as not to expose myself. The usher turns
 off the light and through the darkness I seem
 to make out a smile coming across his face.
 Instead of throwing us out, he simply points to
 a balcony overhead.    

Shadow Slaves
Exclusive Punishment Videos

 “You’d be better off up there.” he says quietly,
 as he turns and walks away.  
 As the usher leaves, you push yourself from
 my lap and stand up. Poking my cock back into
 my underwear, I rise and zip up. Then, taking
 you by the arm, I lead you out into the lobby
 and up the stairs. Once inside the dark empty
 balcony, we begin kissing. Our bodies press
 against each other. Your lips are soft and wet.
 I reach down between your legs, hoping to find
 moisture there as well. You are quite damp.
 Your thighs clamp around my fingers.
 Slowly pulling my hand away, I guide you to
 the rear aisle and bend you over the back of the
 nearest seat. Throwing you skirt over your back,
 I raise my hand to give that stunning ass of
 yours another dose of correction. But now there
 is a quiet scene being played out on the screen
 and I dare not spank you for fear of attracting
 attention. So instead, I begin working your thighs
 and buttocks between my strong hands, occasionally
 allowing my fingers to gently probe your most
 tender regions. Moaning ever so softly, you reach
 forward, gripping the armrests and elevate your
 exquisite backside, providing a none too subtle
 invitation. I immediately unbuckle my belt,
 zip down and push my pants to my ankles.
 Taking my almost painfully stiff rod in hand,
 I playfully slap your rosy cheeks with it.
 You begin to laugh, then cover your mouth as not
 to be heard. I continue teasing you by sliding
 the head of my member up and down the crack of
 your ass until you begin to grunt and wiggle
 your hips impatiently. So I enter you. Slowly but
 with determination I ease myself deep into your
 warm inviting passage. I step forward, taking you
 by the hips as I push my cock in up to its hilt.
 I slowly withdraw, almost completely, only to
 slide in deeply once again. I continue fucking
 you slowly until neither of us can stand it
 any longer. For a moment I stop all together
 and then start again, thrusting with greater
 and greater speed eventually bringing our act
 to an intense, if muted, climax.   
 Afterwards, we share a quick kiss and a
 long embrace before putting our clothing and
 composures back in order. We sit and watch the
 film for a while, but for some reason it seems
 rather dull, so we decide to go home and continue
 making our own entertainment. Leaving the theater,
 we walk past the usher who is now manning the
 candy counter. He looks away politely as we exit,
 pretending not to notice that my hand is cupping
 your lovely bottom. 

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Anyas Hard Spanking


Anya stopped dead in her tracks as the voice speaking these words made her blood run cold. Her mind raced as she tried to think of a good reason she had disobeyed him and left the house sick. Slowly, she turned and looked into her husband’s deep blue eyes, which now seemed to bore into her very soul.


Mitch threw his hand up. “DON’T!!!” he commanded in a tone she knew well. Mitch stood 6’04” and fairly towered over Anya’s 5’05” frame. He slowly and purposefully approached her as she began to nervously play with the bottom of the t-shirt she was wearing. “Anya Marie…just what do you think you are doing?” His voice was low and steady as he asked her this question, not seeking an answer. “Just this morning I left you with a fever of 102.5! You were to be home resting! Instead I find you here…at the store…would you care to explain yourself?!?”

Mitch glared at Anya as she nervously stumbled over her words saying, “I…I’ve been feeling better and I was bored to tears.”

Taking his wife by the arm and leading her out of the store to his car, he stated, “We’re going back home and have a little discussion, young lady! Let me assure you, you will not be bored to tears.”

“But…but…”Anya stuttered

“I don’t think I would say anything further, Anya Marie,” he strongly suggested.

She wisely took the hint and sat quietly on the passenger side while she tormented over the fate that surely awaited her. Mitch was very serious about his wife’s health since a severe bout with strep throat which landed her in the hospital the previous year.

While Anya sat thinking, so did Mitch as he drove. He thought about his wife driving with a high fever, possibly passing out behind the wheel of the car…and any other number of things that could have happened.

In silence, they approached the house. Pulling into the carport and stopping, Mitch turned to Anya and carefully said, “Get on up to the bedroom…NOW!”

“Yes, Sir,” she nearly whispered, opening the door and exiting the vehicle.

Mitch watched as Anya slowly went inside, knowing what was running through her mind. Shaking his head, he quickly called his brother, making arrangements to pick up Anya’s car later that day. He then strengthened his resolve and started inside himself.

Anya sat on the edge of the bed waiting for Mitch to come up and discuss matters with her. She was not looking forward to this discussion.

She heard Mitch slowly climbing the stairs and then watched as the door opened.

Looking at Anya sitting appearing so pathetic, he went into the bathroom to get the digital thermometer. He needed to know if she was still running a fever. He would not punish her that day if she was.

“Open up,” he ordered, placing the thermometer under Anya’s tongue then turning the armless desk chair and sitting.

“Honey,” Mitch started. “Do you understand how much I love you?”

Anya responded with a quiet nod.

“Do you realize that you could have been seriously injured had you say…passed out due to your fever while driving? You could have been hurt or hurt someone else!” He expressed with great concern evident in his voice.

Anya glared at the floor as the thermometer signaled it was done. Removing it, Mitch stood shaking his head. He then showed the display to his wife.

“101.9,” he stated. “And you are out running around!”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” Anya said, beginning to cry.

“Get changed and get back into bed. When your fever is gone, we WILL be discussing your behavior, young lady!”

“Yes, Sir,” Anya answered and quickly complied.

For the rest of that day and the next day, Mitch stayed with Anya and nursed his ailing wife.

Two days later, Anya sat on the edge of the bed with the thermometer protruding from her mouth once again, Mitch watching her.

Beeping indicated that the moment of truth was at hand. Mitch looked at the display and nodded.

“98.2,” he stated. “I think it’s time we have that talk, young lady.”

Sitting down in the armless desk chair, Mitch called Anya to him. Slowly she obeyed, eying the mahogany brush sitting ominously on the vanity, well within her husband’s reach.

“Honey,” Mitch began. “Do you understand why I was so upset…and why you are being punished?”

Hanging her head, she answered meekly, “Yes, Sir.”

Rolling up his sleeves, Mitch declared, “There’s no reason then to put it off any longer,” reaching out and pulling down Anya’s panties, allowing her to step out of them before gently guiding her over his lap.

“I hate to have to do this, honey, but you are going to begin taking your health seriously.”

With this statement, he began bringing his massive hand down repeatedly, turning her bottom bright crimson.


Quickly reduced to tears, she wiggled and squirmed as she yelped, “Yes, Sir.”

Stopping for just a moment, he reached over to pick up the mahogany brush to make extra sure the point was understood and driven home.

CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK At this point, Mitch let the brush do the talking for him. The brush fell for a solid 5 minutes until Anya lay, limp and sobbing over her husband’s lap. He then lay the brush back down on the vanity and began gently rubbing Anya’s back saying, “its okay, honey…all is forgiven…it’s over now.”

As her crying grew to soft sobs, Mitch picked up his well spanked wife and carried her over to the bed, where he lay her down gently and cradled her in his arms. He stroked her long amber locks as the woman he loved more than life itself drifted off to sleep and, gently kissing her forehead, whispering, “Life is good.”

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