Louise Reds Spanking

louise red awaits her Master Christian Red, move within the dungeon. Shackled, she is collared, hoisted up onto her tiptoes, and subjected to a full body whipping. fittingly ready, her legs are caned till the tears begin to flow. Leashed sort of a dog, she is created to crawl, savagely paddled, and maltreated.

Punishment Movies at Shadow Slaves

Strung up with rope, the beating continues, and therefore the poor weeping lady is roofed in clothespins, pinching her injured flesh. The pins are squeezed and twisted, as she is any whipped, then torn off, as she cries and screams in desperation. another time travel sort of a bitch, she is created to tidy the pins together with her mouth as she is viscously caned, wrestled to the bottom, pummeled and damaged underfoot. sure and whipped till she breaks, she is left to cry alone, and ponder her new life as a ShadowSlave.

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Madison Young Spanked

Madison Young returns to us during this show that makes a lot of of how simple it’s to show her pale, perfect skin a vivid scarlet at Shadow Slaves

Jay additionally has her wicked pleasure with Madison with the help of a large strap on. Finally Madison is adorned the wrong way up, and hot candle wax is poured everywhere her ass.

Shadow Slaves – Spanking & Kink

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Retro Rig East Caning

Wild Party 3, Cane On Nail, Crime at St. Thomas School. Do these spanking movie titles ring a bell?

If not, you are probably not a fan of classic hard Eastern European caning films. These are legendary titles from RigEast, Lupus Pictures and the like. You can get fresh caning movie reviews at Canings.com with pictures, spanking trailers and more!

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The Whipping History

People have always loved to spank and be spanked. Yearned for a good whipping. Itched to use the cane on a female bottom.

Have a look at History of Whipping Pictures – a new impact play book released by Goliath Media that tracks and illustrates all these spanking desires through history

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Caring For Canes

  1. Soak the ratan in the bathtub for several hours which will allow you to straighten it.
  2. Cut into lengths.
  3. Swing the cane, using each end to see where the handle should be. There is definatelly a wrong and right end. Usually, but not always, use the bigger end for the handle.
  4. Sand the end of the cane into a round, and sand the shaft where the “bumps” are.
  5. Varnish the cane. It should be varnished several times using a marine varnish.
  6. Wrap the handle end with tape, and then leather. Using double sided tape will help the leather stick in place. This is where your artistic ability come in to play.

I recently found a source of rattan by the devious method of trying the yellow pages. Now I was able to make 10 straight canes for the huge sum of $3.80. I think others in fairly large cities may well have equal success if they look, why fool around with dowels or garden stakes when the real thing is cheaper?

Indeed. When buying rattan, however, you can’t simply say, “Oh, I bought thirty feet, that means I can make ten canes!” Rattan has warps and knots and such in it. When I’m cutting canes, I probably discard about 50% of the raw material in order to get something that really balances well.

Now I am also looking for some help, does anyone know about staining or finishing canes? Any ideas on what to use for a grip on straight canes, or any other hints?

If you’re going to stain and varnish it — and there’s a lot of disagreement about whether canes should be coated — you can use pretty much any wood stain to stain it with. I finish mine with spar varnish, which takes a lot of work — it’s messy stuff, and it needs to dry overnight. Since I usually make about six coats of varnish, a cane isn’t exactly a quick-and-dirty toy for me. Polyurethane is much quicker because it’s fast-drying, but all polyurethane finishes have something of a tendency to flake, and this is really exacerbated when you’re dealing with a flexible cane. Be sure to have all your sanding done before you stain and varnish, and round the striking tip as well.

For grips, if you’re not a leatherworker and don’t plan to be one, you can fashion a simple handle made of tool dip. I usually wrap the handles with cord first in order to provide some traction.

Wrap the handle end with tape, and then leather. Using double sided tape will help the leather stick in place. This is where your artistic ability come in to play.

Or: wrap the handle end with string, for texture, then dip it in Tool Dip. Repeat when dry if desired. (Tool Dip is that rubbery stuff that coats the handles of pliers. It can be bought at hardware stores, in cans like paint. And it can be used to coat all sorts of things you want a smooth finish on.)

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Caned To Tears

Harsh Caning Of Crying Teen Featuring Nineteen Year Old Slavegirl Chaos spanked, caned and punished. Harsh caning of crying submissive teen blonde in corporal punishment and boobie whipped torments. Blonde british teens severe caning and rough spanking discipline to tears. The cute teen is spanked on her tits and bare bottom with the wooden cane till red stripes and rolling tears mark her body

Full Length Movie Available at The Pain Files

Cruel Beating Of Crying Teen Featuring Nineteen Year Old Painslut Chaos welted, caned and chastiseedHarsh caning of sulking groveling teenager blonde in corporal punishment and boobie lashed torments. Blonde british teens extreme caning and hard whipping discipline to tears. The pure teenage is spanked on her cha-chass and naked tooshie with the wooden stick till red stripes and rolling blatting mark her body

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Chaos Whipped Hard – P2

Spanking the wife in stockings and corporal punishment of Little Miss Chaos in bare bottom punishment

James grinned slyly. “That’s a good start. I was hoping you would have more toys, but that will have to do. You do know that an adult’s punishment is one hundred lashes. That’s what the soldiers got for sleeping on duty. George Washington wanted to up it to one hundred and fifty, but Congress wouldn’t let him have his way. I happen to agree with Washington, but we might have to work our way up to his standards. What do you think? “

Lara gulped. When she was a little girl, Daddy had never laid more than a dozen stripes across her bottom and they had stung three days. “Do I have to be bare bottomed ? “

He frowned down at her. “Of course! You’ve already admitted guilt. I’m just pronouncing this afternoon’s sentence. If you want to earn my forgiveness, you have no choice. You have to do this many times. “

She sighed. “I’ll go through with it. I want your forgiveness more than anything. Follow me over to the hand trucks. I’ll let you tie me to them. I just hope that I have an bottom left after this. “

He slapped her bottom. “You’ll have plenty left. Your bottom is a Timex. It can take a licking and keep on ticking. “

She marched to the rear of the warehouse and laid down on some hand trucks. After giving James four lengths of rope, she said, “Tie my hands and feet. You aren’t my man , but I want your forgiveness and I’ll suffer anything to get it. “

He had started tying her wrists when he spotted a bundle of burlap bags. He got them and slipped them between Lara and the cold steel of the hand trucks. “I just want your bottom to suffer. The rest of you should be as comfortable as possible. “

She turned to smile at him. “Thanks, I think. “

He smiled. “That’s all the mercy you get. Are you ready? “

She swallowed. “Yes. “

James raised the leather strap high above his head and brought it down across her bare bottom with all his might. It whistled through the air as if it were a rocket and crashed down into her soft ivory flesh as if it were a depth charge. The tiny bit of fat on Lara’s bottom rippled as if it were jello.

The feeling Lara got was less pleasant than the view James enjoyed. He might have compared his experience to watching skyrockets, but she felt as if someone unleashed a flame-thrower on her bottom . Each lash released a new wall of flames to burn her bottom . The first lash brought tears to her eyes and before James delivered the last lash, she bawled uncontrollably.

He kept his word and showed her no mercy. When he had delivered the final lash, he said, “If you don’t stop bawling by the count of ten, I’ll continue. One, two, three,… “

Lara had never practiced so much self control, but she stopped the flow of tears and James released her. She got up and asked, “Do you forgive me? “

He shook his head. “Not quite. Get on your clothes and meet me back here. We need to talk. “

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When Lara returned, she was rubbing her bottom . “It even hurts to wear clothes. You must have done a good job. Surely, that was worth a little forgiveness. “

He laughed. “I did my best. Your bottom is as raw as a piece of steak. That’s good enough for now, but I don’t have the heart to whip your sore bottom again. Will you agree to date me several times a week and let me inspect your bottom to see when it heals? I’ve never felt so sexually gratified and I definitely want to do this again. Will you let me do this again?. “

“Yes and that’s enough forgiveness for now. “

Shadow Slaves Punishment Films

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Chaos Whipped Hard

The Spanking Pages

Chaos Whipped Hard

Spanking the wife in stockings and corporal punishment of Little Miss Chaos in bare bottom punishment

Magick saw Lara in the Seven -Eleven . No one had told him she had moved back to Spankville and he had dated her most of the way through high school. He had dropped her his senior year because Little Miss Chaos moved to town. No boy at Spankville High could resist Little Miss Chaos, but she had favored him. She had left him five years later, but she had given him a daughter and five years of sex so twisted she left his penis swelled.

While he still longed for Little Miss Chaos, he had given up on getting her back. She had been gone fifteen years and he no longer thought she would change her mind and return to him. He had faced the fact that a cotton farmer could ill afford such an exciting woman. Lara’s solid presence forced all thoughts of Little Miss Chaos from his mind. He thought of the caring relationship she had offered him and he walked over to where she stood.

“Hello stranger. Long time, no see. You’re still looking good. None of us are as fit as we were in high school, but you’re still solid. You’re thicker in the right places. I never saw you fill out a sweater so well and you always did do something for jeans. “

She blushed. “You always did have a way with words. I just got back yesterday and you’re the main reason I’m back. I owe you, but I didn’t know how I was going to get the courage to meet you at your home. I don’t believe I could stand to see you with Little Miss Chaos. “

He sighed. “You won’t have to. She left me fifteen years ago. You should’ve kept in touch. “

She licked her lips. “I should’ve kept in touch, but it hurt so much when you dropped me for Little Miss Chaos. When I got the chance, I left and didn’t look back. I didn’t want any reminders. If I had known Little Miss Chaos would be such a fool, I would’ve gotten in touch. After I start paying my debt and get some of this guilt off my chest, maybe we can start seeing each other again. But first, I must start paying my debt. Can you meet me in the old cotton warehouse where we used make out? “

A puzzled look crept over his face. “I have a few errands to run, but I can meet you there in about an hour. Why do the want to meet me there? My daughter is home, but if you just want to talk to me, we can meet there. What is it you think you owe me? “

She pressed her finger to his lips. “You’ll just have to trust me. That’s all I can tell you now. “

He nodded. “I’ll be there. “

An hour later, James drove up in front of the run down warehouse. He had no idea of what Lara had in mind, but he remembered how much fun she had been in high school. Her figure had never competed with Little Miss Chaos’s, but no woman had ever made him feel more a man. As he stepped into the darkness of the warehouse, he carried a bone hard erection.

After his eyes adjusted to the lack of light, he saw Lara standing naked in the center of the warehouse. She motioned to him to follow her.
When he got near, he asked, “What is this all about? I’ll follow you anywhere dressed like you’re dressed, but we’re no longer high school kids. Don’t you think we should be somewhere more comfortable? “

She sniffled. “No. I’ve been a real bad girl and I don’t want to be comfortable. You’ll hate me when I tell you. “

He raised his hands in protest. “I love you. I could never hate you. I’ve always loved you! “

She began crying. “I’m the one that told Mr. Walker you cheated on your senior English exam! I was mad at you for dropping me and taking Little Miss Chaos to the prom! “

He exploded. “You wench ! Do you know what you almost cost me? When old man Walker failed me, I almost quit school. “

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She sobbed louder. “I know. I’ve carried this guilt inside like a weight all these years. I’ve come now to ask your forgiveness and punishment. I’ve brought some toys and I’m going to let you spank me today. I’ll come back to this warehouse every week and let you spank me until you forgive me. “

He smiled wickedly. “You’re an adult. You’ll have to endure an adult’s punishment. Are you prepared to do that? “

She looked puzzled. “I don’t know what an adult’s punishment is, but I brought the leather strap Daddy used to spank me with and I have some rope for you to tie me to some hand trucks I found. “

Shadow Slaves Punishment Films

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Spanking News: Revenge On The Laughing Girl

Spanking News: Revenge On The Laughing Girl

Finally Mood Pictures are back in business with regular releases of extreme caning videos and hardcore spanking movies. After a long period of silence from the Hungarian Punishment porn masters they are back with real venom. A poor slave girl called Lori is whipped and caned to tears, covered in deep cane marks and biting marks of the whip in the new film Revenge Of The Laughing Girl reviewed at Spankings.net if you are in the mood for extreme spanking action


This is not a gentle erotic spanking film. This woman is subjected to one of the hardest whippings we have seen. See the movie trailer and samples from Mood Pictures – Revenge On The Laughing Girl to see just how extreme these girls go when given the power to torture another woman.

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Madison Youngs Spanking

Instruct her in the proper way to walk in heels, starting her in bondage at the end of a whip. Drill her on what she has learned about being a detail oriented little fuck toy and make her prove it.

The Training Of O: The Training Of Madison Young, Day Four
Watch Full HD movie now in Spanking Pay Per View

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