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Whip Me Please

Posted by on June 19, 2021

Heinrich paddled the kayak of his across the sleek water of the lake. There was not one other boats to be seen and he felt totally comfortable, the strain of Wall Street far behind him. The midday sun was up overhead as the island was approached by him. To pull the kayak of his up on the sandy shore he dived in to the clear water. After swimming around for some time he climbed out and walked across the soft green grass right into a clearing flanked by forests. He slipped from the trunks of his and lay down, the sun warming the naked body of his. Soon he fell asleep, dreaming of a brown-skinned beauty caressing him on a sunny beach in the Caribbean. Suddenly he awoke and discovered that somebody was actually stroking the body of his, a suntanned young female as naked as he was.
“Hello,” she smiled. “I am Madeleine. That are you?”


Her hand slipped down to the penis of his that responded with an immediate erection.

“I find out me,” is liked by you she said, turning onto the back “I of her like you as well. Come on over and I will show you,” spreading the thighs and legs of her apart. This was sufficient invitation for Heinrich who rolled in addition to her and started to thrust in and also out vigorously with an enthusiasm that she answered with wild writhing and also squeals of ecstasy. Lastly it had been over and place breathless together.

“Now you’ve to accomplish a thing for me,” Madeleine said when she might catch the breath of her.

“Didn’t I do enough?” Heinrich asked with a look.

“Sit up with the lower limbs of yours out straight.”

When he was in place Madeleine laid herself face downward with her bottom across his thighs. “Spank me,” she commanded.

“What?” Heinrich was taken aback by the unpredicted demand.

“Don’t tell me you would not like spanking a naked female butt. Most serious males would.”

“Are you implying I am not a genuine man?” he stated angrily.

“Show me,” she replied sticking the bottom of her in the atmosphere.

Heinrich slapped it a few of times making a faint pink blush to show up.

“Harder,” she said. “Or are you simply too chicken? “

“OK,” he said. “If you truly wish it.” And he started to slap her harder. As he carried on the enthusiasm of his increased, and also he spanked her vigorously, changing the white skin of the bottom of her into crimson. Lastly he paused.

“Is that enough?” he asked. “My hand is getting sore.”

Madeleine examined him scornfully. “Poor baby!” she said.

She got up and handed him a rubber soled sandal. “Use this,” she told him, and also resumed the role of her across the thighs of his.

Heinrich held it by the heels and carried on the spanking. The smack of the hand of his changed to the duller thunk of the sandal as it descended on the bottom of her. Naturally this was much more distressing because Madeleine wriggled and gasped with each blow. Heinrich found the thrilling and also paused to rub an erection. When Madeleine looked again and also discovered what he was performing she got up and also pushed the shoulders of his down so he was resting on the back of his. Next she straddled him, and also understanding the stiff prick of his guided it inside her. Then she leaned forward and began rocking up and down. Heinrich stroked the breasts of her, caressing the cold hard nipples as she relocated more quickly and quicker. It need to have hurt as she pushed the bruised bottom of her against him, though she gave no sign of discomfort, just of improving joy as she hit the climax of her.

Later they rested, kissing and hugging. Heinrich had never met anybody so loving and passionate, and he told her very. Madeleine squeezed him firmly and told him she loved him also. Next, reluctantly she got to the legs of her.

“Where are you going?” Heinrich asked, concerned. But Madeleine just provided him a wan smile.

When she returned she was holding a wooden paddle from the canoe of her. She handed it to him, then went to a tiny tree on the edge of the clearing and bent over, keeping the trunk. “Spank me,” she said.

Heinrich examined her bruised buttocks. “You cannot be serious.”

“Spank me with the paddle.”

“No way,” he replied.

Madeleine walked up to him. To look him straight in the face she said “You’re chicken shit. Next she sneered,” Do not be frightened. This particular female will not hit you back.” She reached down, got the scrotum of his and squeezed hard. “Guess what! Absolutely no balls!”

While Heinrich was doubled up with pain Madeleine walked steadily with the tree and bent over once more.

Heinrich acquired the paddle, gripping it securely with both hands. He felt humiliated and extremely angry. He swung the paddle, landing a vicious blow on Madeleine’s butt. It sounded as a pistol shot. Madeleine cried out, but no attention was paid by Heinrich. He swung the paddle over and over until the bottom of her was deep red all over and she was sobbing bitterly. Lastly his rage abated and he saw what he’d finished. Dropping the paddle he started to rub the tortured buttocks of her. As he did so he sensed excitement returning plus he gradually pushed himself inside her. He moved in and out carefully and she didn’t fight. After some thrusts he sensed her pushing against him, gasping as her butt touched him, but matching the gradual rhythm of his. He started to accelerate as well as quickly had forfeited himself in excitement and was slamming in as well as out with complete disregard for the bruises of her. She herself was ignoring the pain of her and also, moaning with ecstasy, pushing against him as she’d orgasm after orgasm.

In the event it was over they lay down side by side, Heinrich lightly massaging the bottom of her. Madeleine kissed him softly and told him she loved him. Next, sighing deeply, she got to the legs of her. Heinrich watched her in amazement, wondering what was coming next. When she reappeared she was transporting a length of rope which she handed to Heinrich. She turned the back of her to him and place the hands of her in addition to the top of her.

“Whip me,” she commanded.

“No way,” he replied.


Heinrich examined the bottom of her, after gray but today covered with red purple bruises and shook his head. “No way,” he repeated.

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