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Spanked Male Cuckolds

Posted by on May 16, 2020

Here at The Spanking Pages we are fully aware that sometimes the only way for a wife to fully take charge is to pull her cuckold husband over her knee and deliver him a strong spanking on his bare ass until it is glowing bright red. It is time for male punishment spankings! You may also rest assured that while the spanked men might complain that deep down they love when their women take control and spank their male bottoms thoroughly.

Being a male spankee is a bliss. Especially if your wife is a strict femdom. She may punish and cuckold you for fun, she might put you in a relation of permanent male chastity, in fact, once she has taken power she can do whatever she fancies.

As male spanking enthusiasts, there is no lack of cuckolding and femdom spanking material, neither on the internet or out there in the real wide world.

All the cuckolding, male chastity and femdom spanking fans should unite and deliver bruised male bottoms, humiliation and cuckolding experiences to the quivering male slaves of this world. They need the pain and humiliation to be kept in line and remember the respect they need to show the superior female beings!

You may catch your husband watching male spanking porn. Take him up on it. Make him undress. Bend over. And spank him thoroughly. Till he whimpers and cries.

Deny him release as punishment for his naughty behaviour. Invite the male neighbor over. Spank your husband in front the neighbor. Tie down your husband and have the neighbor fuck you hard. You can even have him cum in your husbands face. You can use all the punishments you can think off: be it barehanded women spanking men, OTK male spanking, men being spanked with hair brushes, lesbians spanking men together – all of it with a focus on pain, cuckolding and humiliation for the husband.

Just watch him as he is punished with an audience. Then laying there tied and in pain. Watching as you give the neighbor a blowjob and let him fuck you hard. Interrupt the fucking, spank the husband further and slap his face repeatedly, then return to the sexual encounters.

The pain, the humiliation, the chastity lifestyle at play. Wife to man. Forever.

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