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Marias Bad Behaviour – P1

Posted by on July 15, 2020

Mark pulled his car into the drive. He takes a deep sigh before even getting out of the car to go into the house. He and Maria had been fighting for months. He couldn’t even remember what had started the whole thing, but he was getting tired of it. He had decided that he had enough. Enough of her nasty attitude, enough of her cold shoulder, enough of her ignoring him. Mark felt that he was just there for his paycheck. Maria didn’t work outside of the home, and they didn’t have any children yet. They had only been married 3 years, and it didn’t look like they would make 4. He unlocked the door and went on in. Instead of Maria meeting him at the door with kisses like she used too, Mark found yesterdays newspaper still where it was this morning when he left, the breakfast dishes still piled in the sink, and there were no signs of dinner anywhere. .The piles of laundry were still there, where they had been dumped waiting to be washed.

The Pain Files

Maria was out in the pool, soaking in the sun. Mark yelled for her to come in the house. No response. He opened the sliding glass door and called for her again. She didn’t even acknowledge the fact that he was even home. He closed the door and decided to wait it out. Finally, she walked through the kitchen, heading for the refrigerator. She made herself a glass of ice tea, and turned to leave, without even looking Mark’s way. That was all it took. Mark saw red, and it was not Maria’s sunburn. “Dammit Maria…. this is going to stop right NOW.! “ Maria stopped long enough to set down her glass before she gave Mark one of her very cold shoulders and “I don’t give a shit” looks. She turned her back to him and began to walk away. Mark grabbed her by the arm and spun her around to face him. “You better listen to me you little brat, or you’ll have to pay the consequences for your nasty ass attitude and I am not sure you will like it very much”. Maria tried to pull her arm free, but Mark’s steel grip held her like a vice. “Let me go, you’re hurting me”, was all she could say. She was shocked by Mark’s actions. To her surprise Mark smiled. His mind was way ahead of her. He had been thinking about this for a week now. It seemed like everything was falling into place. “Let’s have a little talk, shall we Miss Brat?”

Before Maria could open her mouth to protest, Mark had grabbed a wooden spoon from the kitchen counter, and was pulling Maria towards the sofa. In one swift motion, Mark sat down and pulled Maria over his lap, and pinned her arm behind her in the small of her back, careful not to hurt her. He laid the wooden spoon on the sofa beside him. Maria felt good lying across his lap. This was the closest he had been to touching her in weeks. She struggled to get off his lap. Panic was building deep inside her, and she was scared. Mark had never acted this way before. “This isn’t funny anymore Mark… Let me up”. The next thing Maria heard was the sound of a sound spank landing square in the middle of her bottom. And then another … And then another.. She was kicking and screaming by this time.. “Do I have your attention now, my little Brat?” He hadn’t spanked Maria hard yet.. He didn’t have too. All he wanted right now was her undivided attention, and he had it.

I think it is time to lay down a few house rules Mark said to Maria. She didn’t want any part of this discussion and struggled to get away from him again. Another solid crack to her already warm bottom. Maria let out a scream. She tried to kick him… and even tried to bite his leg.. Mark was beginning to loose his patients again.. He slipped his finger into the band on Maria’s bikini bottom and yanked it down to her knees. Her heart was immediately in her throat. She had never been spanked as a child, let alone an adult. “Ok, ok, ok….. I am listening.” was all she could manage to get out before another loud crack rang through the air. Tears were beginning to sting Maria’s eyes. “Please stop Mark, this really hurts”. Just for good measure, and to make sure he had Marias full attention, Mark gave Marias bare ass 5 more good spanks with his hand. She could not stop the tears now.. She knew she had been a real brat these last few months and she deserved exactly what she was getting. To her surprise, Mark gently turned her over and held her on his lap for a few minutes and let her cry..

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