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Spanked At The Park – P4

Posted by on December 1, 2020

“That’s it!” Tom said, grabbing Jill by the wrist. She put up very little
struggle as she was taken to a tree stump and even less as Tom yanked
her jeans down and hauled her over his lap. Tom started spanking Jill
with enthusiasm, but even as he swatted her with strokes that made his
hand ache, she barely moved a muscle. Jill seemed unaffected by the
spanking- almost bored.

“Do me a favor.” Tom said to Denise. “Go get me my paddle out of the
glove compartment of the truck. It’s not locked.” Denise smiled and
hurried to do as she was told.

“What’s the matter, Tomy? Can’t cut the mustard?” Jill said over
her shoulder.

“Your butt must be a lot tougher than it was last summer!” he replied.

“It is! You know, you’re not the only guy in the world who knows how to
take a lady to the woodshed! With the right attitude, a brat like me can
get her wagon painted anytime she pleases!”

Denise returned with the paddle. She winked at Tom as she slowly slid it
into his hand.

“Well that may be, lady.” he told Jill as he yanked her panties down
to her knees. “But I’m going to give you a paint job you won’t forget for
a long, long time!”

With that, Tom slapped her bottom with the paddle so hard that even Denise
jumped with alarm. Jill’s mouth dropped open, but before she could even
begin to cry out, several equally powerful swats exploded across her fanny.
Jill tried to keep her composure in front of Denise, but the heat that Tom
was delivering to her throbbing ass cheeks was too much to bear silently.
With gaining speed, the paddle mercilessly struck her burning cheeks.
Her hands clawed the dirt as she bucked wildly against Tom’s lap.
She began kicking in a circular motion, almost as if she was riding
a bicycle and soon she was openly weeping. Denise stood by, staring
intently as Tom and the tear-jerker swiftly transformed her smug,
sarcastic friend into a sobbing, remorseful little girl.

Just as Jill began to make heartfelt apologies between cracks of
the paddle, Denise decided to make an announcement.

“Actually, I’m the one who was supposed to put out the fire.” she said,
stepping forward. “So I’m really the one you should be punishing.”

Tom looked up into Denise’s gleaming green eyes, which looked far more
hopeful than guilty.

“Fine. You’re next.” he said.

Tom gave Jill’s glowing bottom one more resounding swat, then placed the
tear-jerker on the table and brought Jill to her feet.

“There! I guess you got what you wanted! Now, pull your pants up!”

Still out of breath and crying, Jill hiked up her jeans and buckled
her belt. Tom lead her over to a nearby tree. He turned her around so
that her bottom was pressed up against rough bark. “Stand right here and
don’t budge.” he told Jill, wiping a tear from her cheek with his thumb.

Tom then turned to Denise who seemed quite resigned to her fate.

“I guess it’s my turn now.” Denise said, kicking off her boots and
unbuttoning her jeans.

Slightly confused, Tom watched as the woman wriggled out of her
denims and then folded them neatly on the picnic table. She stood before
the ranger in nothing but a plaid flannel shirt and white ankle socks.
Noticing Tom’s bewilderment, she looked at the jeans and then at him.

“You were going to take them off anyway, right?”

She then calmly padded up to Tom as he sat himself back down on the stump.

“Now, will I be getting one of those cute little hand spankings or will
you just go straight to the paddle?”

Tom knew when he was being teased and it always seemed to cause
a bad taste in his mouth.

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He thought about the situation for a moment, then grabbed Denise around
the legs, tossing her over his left shoulder. He stood as he did this
and grabbed the paddle from the table. He then began swatting Denise’s
bottom vigorously. Her shirt had fallen down over her head leaving
her backside no protection whatsoever. Again and again Tom whacked
the lady’s naked ass as she kicked and twisted helplessly over
his shoulder. He walked around slowly as he continued smacking her
ass soundly. Tom seemed to be marching to the beat of the paddle
as he slapped it against one cheek and then the other. Then he stood
still and performed a two minute drum solo on Denise’s rosy cheeks.
All the while, Denise’s shouting and cries for help were muffled
underneath that thick flannel shirt.

“Is this as much fun as you thought it would be?” Tom laughed as he
relentlessly swatted the helpless girl’s bright red bottom.

After a while, Denise managed to pull up Tom’s shirt tails and began to
claw at his back with her nails. Seeing that this position had its
drawbacks, Tom swiftly headed for the edge of the lake and dumped the
scratching little wildcat into the shallows. He walked away, leaving
Denise thrashing around in the water and yelling at the top of her lungs.

Tom walked up to Jill who was now laughing hysterically.

“Do YOU want to take a swim?!” he said, pointing a threatening finger
at her.

Jill quickly stopped giggling.

“No, sir!”

Tom went over to the picnic table, grabbed one of the two tin coffee mugs
sitting there and handed it to her.

“Then go fill this up in the lake and douse the fire until it’s
completely out.”

“With this?” Jill complained. “It’ll take fifty trips!”

“So get your friend over there to help you!” Tom said, handing her the
other cup.

Jill took the two mugs to the edge of the lake. She gave one to Denise
and explained what they were to do.

“What?!” Denise shouted as she marched out of the water and up to Tom.
“You know, you could have drowned me!”

“I dumped you in two feet of water, you little twerp! Now, go help your
friend put out the fire, because I’m still pissed off and my arm isn’t
tired at all!” Tom waved the paddle at her as he spoke.

It took the women a dozen trips apiece to put out the fire,
but they worked swiftly and without complaint.

“Good job.” Tom said when they were finished. “Now if you ladies want
to camp here, that’s fine. Go sign up at the registration office and pay
the ten dollars. If you don’t want to do that, I suggest you haul your
rosy little bottoms out of my park, because I’ll be back tomorrow and if
I find you’re still here without signing up, I’m going to assume you
both want more of the same. Okay?”

Both woman agreed to these terms. As Tom headed back to his truck,
Denise grabbed the tear-jerker from the picnic table and brought it
to him.

“Don’t forget this.” she said and kissed Tom full on the mouth.

Their tongues met for an instant before Tom gently pushed her away.

“That’s enough of that.” he said, smiling.

As he drove off, Tom could see Jill and Denise waving to him in the
rearview mirror. He thought momentarily about what he would do if he
were a few years younger. But it was time to get back to the station.
Someone very special was waiting for him there.