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Bethrowed Juliettes Spanking – P6

Posted by on November 9, 2020

David reached down under the bed and took hold of a leather slipper. Juliette, whose mind was now under attack from a powerful sense of apprehension, felt her composure beginning to melt, yet she remained in a semi-mesmerised state as, with her eyes closed, she felt the coolness of the sole of the slipper as it slid lightly over the skin of her left buttock, along the Equator.

The suddenness of the sharp crack, following the briefest of interludes between removal of the slipper and the first impact, took Juliette’s breath away and her back arched as her head went back and she let out an almost silent cry, before allowing her hair to cascade around her head as she fell forward again. Her left hand, which had shot back in reflex fashion, returned reluctantly to David’s leg and squeezed him with a strength borne of her need to overcome the sting of the swat and her awareness of a new sense of admiration and respect for a man in whom she had never before seen these strong qualities.

The second slipper landing took place on the right cheek, mirroring the first landing site, and was even firmer than the first. Juliette was unsure whether it was the intense sound of leather on skin or the sharpness of the sting that made the greater impact but, this time, her hand remained on her husband’s leg and she clenched her teeth tightly as she suppressed a cry, which emerged solely as a deep grunt.

David looked down at the two patches of deepening red skin that were forming where the slipper had delivered its first two messages. He paused for a short while, placing the slipper on the towel that Juliette had dropped on the bed, and brushed her skin softly with his left hand, whilst his right hand caressed the skin of her waist, reassuringly.

Juliette was totally disoriented by the cocktail of sensations and by the intensely conflicting urges that were making their presence felt. She became aware that the stroking had ceased and that her husband’s left hand was no longer on her bottom. Her response was instantly to clench her buttocks to taut firmness, just before two further swats landed sharply across the base of each buttock, close to the thigh top. Again, her back arched and her head tilted backwards briskly, throwing back her hair as if she were in an open-topped car, flying along a country lane. A yelp escaped from her lips. Perversely, she felt almost cross with herself about this, since her stubbornness had now taken on a new function, which was to preserve her self-esteem and to prevent her from betraying her contrition too evidently. Some aspects of her personality would never change.

The Pain Files

Any intention that Juliette had of maintaining her composure were dispelled summarily by the final two swats from the leather sole, each falling between the first and second pair of swats, on the left and right buttocks respectively, and leaving three perfectly-spaced marks on each buttock, resembling upturned broad-beamed canoes on a golden sandy beach. The intensity of the heat in Juliette’s bottom was something the likes of which she had never before experienced, yet the effect of this disciplinary spanking had entirely the opposite effect to that which she had heard described by anti-spanking campaigners. Far from being made more resentful towards David, she felt a love for him that was more powerful than it had ever been and it was this, not the sharp sting, that released the floods of tears that cascaded down her face.

Carefully, David helped his love to her feet, then stood to enfold her in his arms. He smelt the familiar feminine fragrance of her soft hair, her skin – and the unfamiliar sensation of moisture in his pyjama top as her tears continued.

The couple embraced quietly, tenderly, for several minutes before David helped Juliette to step out of her knickers, unclipped her bra and then guided her to lie face down on the bed whilst he went to place the underwear in the Ali Baba and fetched the cold cream from her dressing table.

The transformation in the heat emanating from her bottom had Juliette completely mystified, as she sank into the sensation of her husband’s gentle attentions to her burning skin. Her mind was in a state of semi-trance now, as the warmth kindled her very potent female nature and as her husband’s tender ministrations soothed away the sharpness of the sting. She tensed, briefly, as she realised that his hand was no longer present on her buttocks, but relaxed again, smiling, as she heard him wiping the cream off with the towel. Her body was already receptive to his exploration as that hand returned and continued with the stoking of other fires, that had already begun before the slipper fell for the first time, in earnest, on her behind.

Over an hour later, as Juliette lay naked, curled up against the warmth of her husband’s firm body, fresh from the shower, her mind drifted slowly to a place where she found a peace she had never known before. It was as if she had discovered a new freedom, the very existence of which was something she might previously have dismissed as laughable male fantasy. She had never experienced such controlled power when she had been taken before and primitive feelings of desire had been awoken in her, as they had in David, who was equally surprised by the power of their closeness and engagement. Never had he previously been so intensely aware of the sensations of deep, fulfilling union with this most beautiful young woman on whom he had made his mark in more senses than one.

As they lay later in the darkness, the intimate melding of their sleeping bodies cloaked beneath the quilt and with only a shaft of dappled moonlight penetrating the curtains through a skeletal tree, a shadow flitted unobserved across the window as an owl headed noiselessly towards the warmth of the barn that was its home.