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Spanked At The Park – P3

Posted by on November 1, 2020

Julie kicked off those troublesome panties and scrambled to her feet but not
before the tear-jerker caught her left cheek with a loud smack. This knocked
her off balance and she fell forward onto the palms of her hands with her
bottom high in the air. It was an irresistible target. Tom swung the paddle
like a polo mallet bringing it across Julie’s vulnerable bottom with a
powerful smack that sent her lunging forward. She dashed for the corner
receiving two more stinging swats on the way. Julie then stood in her place
and began rubbing her bottom with feverish intensity and hopping around the
hardwood floor in a manner not unlike a Navajo rain dance.

Tom walked over and placed his hands on her shoulders.

“Now keep that nosy little nose of yours in the corner until I get back!”
he commanded. Then he ran his hands down from her shoulders to her hips.
He pressed his midsection against her burning ass. Julie gasped. She could
feel his hardness pressing into the crack of her raw, aching bottom.
His hands slid around to cup her breasts. Julie’s eyes rolled back in
her head as she quietly moaned as Tom whispered in her ear. “I’ll be
gone half an hour- maybe a bit longer and if you’ve moved one step from
that spot before I get back, you’re going to take another trip on the
old bare-bottom express, understand?”

Julie nodded in agreement. Tom picked up his keys and hat, then decided
to take the paddle along as well.

“But if you’re a good girl, I’ll come back here, bend you over that desk
and take you from behind the way you like. After that, I think I’ll give
you a hand spanking just as a reminder. Then I’ll take you into town for
a steak dinner. What do you say to that?”

“Sounds real good.” Julie said over her shoulder. A big grin was coming over
her tear-stained face. “Can I rub myself while you’re gone?”

“Only your backside, honey. I want the rest of you waiting for me.”

“Hurry back then.” Julie purred as she ran her hands seductively over
the reddened cheeks of her ass.

Shadow Slaves
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Tom’s mouth had gone too dry to answer and so he simply headed out
the door. As he left the ranger’s station, something was troubling him-
that smoke coming from the southwest, near the lake. He called the
registration office on the radio.

“Hey, Pete. Have any campers signed in this morning?”

“No, it’s been pretty dead today.” Pete replied. “A couple of gals in
a jeep drove through this morning, but they didn’t check in or anything.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Tom headed over to a secluded campsite at the southwest corner of the lake
and sure enough, there was a campfire burning and a jeep parked nearby.
He parked his truck near the campfire and looked around. There was a
small tent and a couple of folding chairs near the picnic table.
Apparently, the girls had set up camp without signing in. Tom sat down
at the table to wait. A few minutes later, two attractive women who
appeared to be in their early twenties came wandering out of the woods.
Neither of them seemed at all surprised to see him there. One had short
red hair and the other was a brunette with pigtails. Tom recognized the
brunette immediately.

“Jill Windsor!” he said as he stood to meet them.

“Ranger Tom!” Jill answered back.

She knew that Tom hated that title. Jill Windsor had been camping in
Tom’s corner of the woods for years and knew exactly how to piss him off.

“Don’t call me that.” he said calmly. “What have you been up to, Jill?”

“Well, my friend and I were just looking for berries, but we couldn’t
find any, could we?”

The redhead nodded “no” with a flirtatious grin.

“Oh, this is my friend, Denise. I told her all about you, Ranger Tom.
I told her all about that time you caught me throwing cherry bombs into
the lake to catch fish and how you bent me over a log and paddled my ass.”

“Yeah.” Denise chimed in. “I wish I could have seen that!”

“Uh-huh.” Tom said. “Look, why don’t you just go to the registration
office and sign in? You should have done that in the first place.”

“Well, you know how it is, Ranger Tom-”

“Stop saying that. You know I don’t like it. The last time you called
me ‘Ranger Tom’, I took a switch to your backside.” He looked to Denise.
“Did she tell you about that, too?”

“Oh, she’s told me that one at least a dozen times.” Denise said, glancing
at her friend knowingly. “And it gets better every time I hear it!”

“And what about this?” Tom pointed at the fire.

The girls looked at each other, smirking.

“Uh, what do you mean?” Jill asked with mock innocence.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about! You’re never supposed to leave
a fire unattended!”

“Oh, but Ranger Tom…” Jill started.