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Spanking Photos

Spanked Lesbian Blonde

Sexy blonde babes lesbian spanking and corporal punishment by leather dominatrice Natasha. The spanking implements used on Susanas red bottom are the leather strap and the wooden cane at Both bruising and turning the exposed bare bottom deep red. Susana tries to stay stoic as her playful mistress punishes her ass, but she cant … Continue reading »

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Builders Amateur Spanking

Builders amateur spanking and bare bottom punishment of redhead british spankee Janna. The Boss turns up at the building site and gets a shock – it’s totally unfinished and he’s got clients in today! Janna has messed up pretty badly. At first she protests, but she has made too many mistakes for him to ignore … Continue reading »

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Amateur Lesbian Spanking

Amateur lesbian spanking and intimate punishment of uk slut by Rosie B and Nimue. The chubby amateur slave is ordered to stick her bottom out for a trashing by two lesbian amateurs fancying to see her bottom red and face twisted in pain

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Heartless Outdoor Caning

Heartless outdoor caning till the slaves are crying and explicit flagellation of two sulking slavegirls on gruesome medieval stocks whilst Nimue and blonde Chaos are both painfully striped and bruised by a barbaric bamboo rattan cane across their blistered bottoms and back legs. Miss Chaos and Nimue are both enduring intense amateur whacking in a … Continue reading »

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Japanese spanking of Mei Mara

Japanese spanking of Mei Mara in hard paddling and humiliating corporal punishment of the oriental cutie in strict butt whacking fetish. Half japanese painslave Eastern Flagellation Of Mei Mara and humiliating obedience training using face slapping and breast whipping implements on the exotic beauties cha-chass and red bottom. Mei Mara is slapped and whipped as … Continue reading »

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Spanked and Abused

Today, we all have to thank Mark. Before you start thinking who the fuck is Mark – Mark is a member of Lashed And Abused that requested to see Janessa at Spanked And Abused. Janessa is a horny bitch that you might recognize from the intense corporal punishment fetish site called Trounced And Abused. Well, … Continue reading »

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Alexandras Trashing

Meet Alexandra, one of the latest teens to appear at Spanked And Abused. Alexandra tries to act like she’s a good girl but in reality she’s a flirty. She was out today and one of her boyfriend’s friends saw her flirting with other guys. She even gave her phone number to the guy she was … Continue reading »

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Ebony Spanking

Ebony chick gets dominated and spanked. High quality spanking movies like you’ve never seen before. The best content for this niche on the internet is just one click away. These Bad Girls will be Punished! Hhe hottest exclusive spanking movies! Cutie shows her poor red ass. Punish those bad, bad girls again and again – … Continue reading »

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English Spanking Classics

Uncle Hubert is irate! He just discovered a set of nude photos of his teenaged niece, Christina. When he confronts her with these photos, she calls him “old-fashioned”. Well, since Uncle Hubert is “old-fashioned” he can deal with this situation in the “old-fashioned” manner. Christina has bared her bottom for the camera. Now she must … Continue reading »

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