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Siris Sexual Spanking – P2

Posted by on October 15, 2020

“Shut up!” Siri screamed at him.

“Don’t laugh at me! I hate you!” She flew towards him raising her fists in anger and beating at his bare chest. He caught them both easily in one of his large hands and held them against him. Siri’s temper rose in frustration.

“I hate you. Let me go! Now!” She screamed at him.

“Siri I’m not having this.” He warned her icily using her full name.

“Calm down now.”

“No!” She shouted out in defiance as she brought her left leg back and kicked him on the shin with her bare foot.

“Right that’s it.” He said as he dragged her behind him and into the lounge.

“Let me go!” Siri protested loudly, stumbling after him, she had no choice but to follow him as he led her towards the three-seater sofa and sat down onto it heavily pulling her across his lap and holding her in place with his forearm which he held in a fixed position down the middle of her back from the base of her neck to her waistline.

“No!” She screamed out in protest kicking her legs hard, one beating a tattoo on the leather sofa, the other drumming wildly on the thick carpet.

Mark raised his hand above his head and brought the flat of his palm down on her hard. “Ow! Don’t! Get off of me!” Siri cried out as she tried to wriggle her way off of his lap. Mark smacked her again hitting the other cheek.

“I’m going to teach you to first of all learn to control your temper and secondly to listen properly to what others tell you.” He told as he rained several hard smacks down on her backside, alternating between each cheek.

“I do listen!” Siri protested wriggling harder.

“Ow! Don’t!”

“Not until you learn to behave.” He told her firmly as he spanked her in a continuous rain of blows down on her bum.

“Ow! It hurts.”

“It’s meant to hurt. It’s to calm you down.” He told her as he allowed his hand to hit her more slowly and surely. He cupped his hand and covered each part of her exposed flesh until it reddened before his eyes.

“Ow.” Siri muttered more quietly but still squirmed beneath his touch, trying to escape his hold on her.

“Let me go!” She kicked her leg hard against the sofa in a show of remonstration.

Mark raised his hand above his head and swiped it down as hard as he could manage onto her right cheek before repeating the same treatment to the left side. Siri screamed out at the first smack and broke into tears before screaming again at the second contact.

“Yeow!” She sobbed fighting to catch her breath as Mark struck her. Bringing a hand around she tried to protect her backside from more assaults but Mark gave her a firm “No!” which was emphasised by a short sharp slap and held it behind her back tucked out of the way as he continued to spank her hard making sure he covered all the areas of her backside including the tops of her thighs.

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Siri lay over Mark’s lap feeling weak with tears and her bottom stinging from his continued assault on her. She brought her free arm underneath her head and sobbed into the crook of it feeling sorry for herself as she muttered her protests and cried into the dark corner she had just formed, her words sounding muffled.

“Have you had enough yet?” Mark asked her as he rested his hand on her hot bottom and looked towards the back of her head waiting for her answer. She nodded and cried out.


“You still sound defiant to me.” Mark informed her.

“No!” Siri shrieked trying to lift her head and turn it to look behind her but Mark’s arm firmly held her in place.

“I don’t think you’ve had nearly enough.” He told her coldly.

“I have!” Siri protested loudly.

“Let me go! Please Mark? Please.” She begged him. He kept silent as he spanked her another half a dozen times on each cheek until her backside was pillar box red with her jumping at each smack that landed on her. Her bottom cheeks were tightly clenched against his constant battering and he knew that she had had enough. For now.

He sat back and placed his hands lightly on her back, not holding her in any way but Siri was sobbing too hard to notice that he had released his constraint on her. He kept silent as he watched her thoughtfully as she cried out the pain, anger and frustration she felt at what he had done to her. Finally as the tears subsided and she squirmed in his lap, she realised that it was all over for her. She brought both of her hands to her bum and rubbed it to try and ease the burning pain she felt and make the stinging go away.

“Ow. Ow.” She moaned as her flesh throbbed in the palms of her hands.

“You deserved that.” Mark told her insistently.

Siri could only repeat another

“Ow.” In response.

“You will learn to control your temper and listen to people properly when they tell you something.” Siri sobbed harder at Mark’s stern words.

“Sit up and listen to me.” He persisted. She shook her head but did as he asked.

As she moved back onto all fours to sit up, Mark helped her to stand in front of him where she looked at the floor and kept her hands on her backside where she tried to rub away the hurt.

“I don’t care that you’re a mother. You still behave like a child, a disobedient and selfish one, and you are not going to behave like that around me. Tomorrow we are going shopping and you are going to choose what paddle I am going to spank you with when you misbehave.”

“No.” Siri protested meekly.

“I don’t want to.”

“I don’t care. I am taking you and you will pick something out because you are not going to stop this behaviour, are you?”

“I will.” Siri sobbed.

“No you won’t. Neither your Dad nor I have managed it so far but my God I will spank it out of you!” Mark threatened her harshly.

“I don’t want to.” Siri sobbed rubbing her bottom and looking directly into Mark’s eyes.

“Tomorrow.” He repeated firmly.

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