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Marias Bad Behaviour – P2

Posted by on August 15, 2020

Mark sat her up, and wiped her tears away. “Now about those house rules”. Your bad attitude will no longer be tolerated. If by some chance you choose to display it again, you will receive the same of what you just got a small taste of. And by the way, don’t think for one minute this punishment is over with yet. We have only just begun. Fresh tears flowed down Marias cheeks. I work hard all day and will not tolerate disrespect from you when I get home at night. Do you understand?… Maria nodded her head.. Mark took Marias chin in his hand… “I want to hear your answers please”…. In a very low voice, Maria answered “yes”…. Do you remember what we agreed upon when we got married Maria?. You would stay home and take care of our house and someday our children. Maria knew what was coming next. If I ever come home to a mess like this while you are out in the pool, there will be severe consequences to pay… Do I make myself perfectly clear?. Mark waited for Marias answer.. Without looking at Mark, Maria just answered ‘Yes sir”. Good… that’s my girl… Mark leans over and kisses Maria’s head.

Now, to finish your punishment for these last few months of bad behavior. You will have no pool time tomorrow. No matter what, you are not to go out of this house tomorrow. Is that understood? Maria started to protest.. but the look in Mark’s eyes stopped her in her tracks… She backed down.. “Yes sir” she answered. (Mark was beginning to like this…) and you will receive 10 more spanks with this wooden spoon, without complaint. Maria hung her head as new tears dripped onto her lap. After your punishment is over, you will go straight upstairs to bed.. Understand?… A faint Yes was all he needed.

The Pain Files

Mark turned Maria back over his lap and positioned her so she was as comfortable as she could be under these circumstances. He could have gotten his point across without the last spanking, but he wanted to make sure she knew he meant business. He picked up the wooden spoon and rubbed it across her naked skin… Every muscle in her entire body stiffened… CRACK… Mark counted them all out… slow and steady… all 10 spanks, without so much as a peek out of Maria… Her ass was bright red.. Was it all from her punishment or maybe some was from the sunburn she had ?. He helped her up off his lap… turned her toward him and pulled her bikini bottoms back up.. Mark stood up and took Maria in his arms… Kissing her as she cried… He held her for just a few minutes, and told her it was time she went to bed. She turned to walk away and he patted her butt. A smile came across her lips that Mark could not see… She slowly ascended the stairs and went to bed.

The next day, Mark pulled into the driveway at his usual time. He wondered what Maria had been up to all day. Or was she even still here?.. He was pretty rough on her last night. Even though she deserved exactly what she got. He loved his wife, but could no longer live like he was… The more he thought about it, the more he was sure she would be gone. He reached up to unlock the door and it flew open . There was Maria… all smiles .. She threw her arms around Mark’s neck and kissed him like she hadn’t seen him in months. He instantly knew he had made the right choice and tonight was going to be so much different than last night…

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