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Bethrowed Juliettes Spanking – P5

Posted by on October 9, 2020

“I’m not sure what to say, I’ve never been in this situation before.”

David placed his hand over hers………

“Do you want this marriage to continue, Juliette?”

There was a flash of anger in her look as she stared at David, but this soon gave way to the sort of look one might expect to see on the face of a person who has been about to push the wrong button, with disastrous consequences. Whilst the situation may not have been entirely her fault, there was no skirting around the fact that it was she who had brought the discussion to this point. Her tone softened, along with her look, which now exhibited more of the ‘little girl lost’ quality.

David decided that his gambling streak appeared to be going his way and so he persisted……

“I, believe, Juliette, that you want this marriage to succeed every bit as much as I do. Which is why I’ve decided to show you that I am not just a man of words. I mean to show you how much you mean to me and how I intend to give you unmistakable reassurance of that.”

There had been times when Juliette might have interpreted that latter statement as a portent of an addition to her jewellery collection, a trip to her favourite fashion house or an expensive weekend at a very special retreat, but this was not one of those times and a sudden apprehension seized her mind, to the point where she withdrew her hand abruptly and picked up the towel alongside her, as if she needed suddenly to cover herself. She adopted a ‘confused and a little afraid’ look and tried to keep her mind in check as it stumbled in the dark confusion of uncertainty.

David reached out and took hold of her hand again. Firmly, yes. Harshly, most definitely not.

“Juliette, I’m going to put my mark on you, to remind you of who has prior claim in your life.”

He hesitated before moving on, since he knew that the next statement could prove to be the coup de grâce to their relationship if it were misinterpreted. However, the prospect of what it would yield if his instinct were correct was so enticing that he had little difficulty in taking his final gamble of the day, the ‘all or nothing’ bet that sets the adrenal glands into overdrive.

Juliette was too preoccupied with her own uncertainties to note the minute beads of perspiration on David’s forehead. He leaned towards her and whispered quietly……….

“You will accept my closure of this incident or we will need to sit down and think seriously about our future. Do you understand, Juliette?”

There was a strange quality to David’s tone that created a huge tension between Juliette’s desire to flee, no matter where, and her fascination with the effect that his words were having on her mind – and, to her astonishment, on her body.

The Pain Files

Juliette’s stunned silence was as uncharacteristic as David’s previously unheard voice of complete authority in the situation. Acting still on his intuitions, David continued in the confidence that, on this occasion, Juliette’s silence really did give consent, even if she was not yet aware of what she was accepting from her husband.

Neither David nor Juliette was fully aware of the dynamics of what followed and it was almost as if they were actors working their way through an unrehearsed script.

Unrehearsed it may have been, but it was flawless.

Juliette’s mind had been taken over almost completely by her husband’s authority, leaving only her ‘stop’ button entirely within her control, yet she was so completely mesmerised by the combination of David’s voice, his manner, her mental and bodily responses – and the strangest of atmospheres that seemed to have descended upon the room – that she had neither the ability nor the inclination to reach for that button. She watched, almost in a trance, as David turned, sitting at the side of the bed, placed a pillow across his lap and then guided her firmly, but without even a hint of brutality, over the pillow. In her mind, she could see the vision that was now displayed below David’s gaze, as her bottom, encased in the dazzling white second skin that displayed every minute detail of the arousing pattern of intricate curves, was raised slightly above the remainder of her bent form. One of her hands rested on the thick carpet whilst the other sought comfort in the strong, moderately hairy right leg of her husband. Her feet were flexed upwards, the ball of each foot resting on the carpet. Silently, in astonishing compliance with David’s authority, she awaited what her husband chose to administer as ‘closure’. A part of her mind was asking what she – feisty, spirited, independent Juliette – was doing in this posture, awaiting her first-ever experience of a spanking, yet the lines of communication between the rebel centre and her body seemed to be completely jammed by David’s strong presence and control.

Even where there is no rebellion, the body still responds automatically to certain situations and stimuli and Juliette’s bottom was clenched as firmly as her teeth as she awaited her next step into the unknown. Stories she had heard at various times in her life, of spankings given to her friends in childhood and adult life, came flooding back. It was, therefore, something of a surprise to hear David explaining in his soft but authoritative voice why she was in this position and how he intended to put his long-term mark upon her mind, with only a very short-term, but sharp, impact upon her body. She was astonished to feel his right hand fold softly around her, just above the waistband of her knickers, whilst his left hand slid silently, warmly, comfortingly over the fabric of the soft undergarment, following every contour of her cheeks and hips and upper thighs. She became aware of a sensation almost of floating and of a curious mixture of apprehension and a most unusual relaxation filtering through her system.

David noted the visible change in the shape of Juliette’s bottom as she began to relax and felt her legs loosen from their tightly clenched tautness as the great muscles adopted an easier, more relaxed posture. He continued slowly, deliberately and gently, touching Juliette’s body with a great depth of love, almost reverence. He acknowledged to himself how surprising it was that there had been so little protest, but he resolved to continue with his plan. Gradually, he stopped stroking the bottom he adored and asked its owner to lift her hips. It was probably as much a surprise to her as it was to him that her compliance was almost immediate. Carefully, he slipped his hands inside the waistband and rolled the garment down until it formed a broad, white band across the very tops of Juliette’s thighs, exposing buttocks that showed only faintly the area normally enclosed within her bikini bottom.

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