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Mood Pictures- Mrs Geists Class

Posted by on January 7, 2011

Mrs Geist’s Class is yet another correctional discipline and whacking video release from Mood Pictures. It takes place in a contemtorary class punishment chamber and features a group of very attractive looking female students – and, sadly for the womans, the teacher Mrs Geist. We meet the babes in a middle of a test in the classroom, and of course one of the chicks can´t stand the temptation to cheat. However the cheating girl Sandy had a close relationship with Mrs Geists, and when ceased cheating she´s given a very enjoyable but in no way extreme hand spanking. During Sandys spanking the other womans in the class discover, that she actually had all the questions and answers beforehand, and the girl Andie – who´s a stunning blonde featured in the Mood Snapsrelease Love Story – decides to tell on her classmate and inform the cheater.

Poor Andie hadnt foreseen though that the Mrs Geist’s close relations to Sandy would tally for more than Andies word. Instead of a reward Mrs Geist decides to punish her and delivers 25 remorseless strokes with a jumbo wooden paddle. The severity isn´t at all intense but sufficient to raise an wedge, and certainly enough to cause Andie truly nutty at Sandy. Along with 3 of her classmates she plots to take away revenge at Sandy, and does so by catching Sandy and her 2 friends in the middle of smoking and hence blackmailing them to remove punishment – or be exposed. 4 girls withdraw turns lashing Sandy´s 2 friends with a wooden spank, the session is fairly light but the tension in the hair is certainly high, and it just adds to the atmosphere of humbled that Andie stands right in front of the females while theyre disciplineedlooking at their sufferings.

Mood Pictures- Mrs Geists Class Mood Images- Mrs Geists Class Mood Pics- Mrs Geists Class

Afterwards its Sandy´s turn to have her punishment, and this definately is one of the highlights of the film. Much to her disliking she´s stripd naked, and while verbally disgrace unquestionable a rather hardcore punishment with her own belt on her derriere and back. During the punishment she´s standing up straight, arms badonkadonk blowjob – and still with Andie right in front. The severity of the strokes brings out tears in Sandy´s eyes, and its clearly a struggle to keep in position and keep the count. The viewer is sure very good facial expression snapsof Sandy during her punishment, and its highly interesting to see how she seems to be fighting a battle to keep up appearances – and how she fails in the end. What makes this scene so brilliant though is the atmosphere. The needler seems to be thoroughly enjoying herself. Sandy´s 2 friends in the background looking as though each stroke to Sandy´s back beat them twice as hard. It all adds up to a scene of pure perfection, that concludes itself with more attaint for Sandy, who has to collect herself and get dressed with all the babes standing around her looking.

The scenery goes back to the classroom. Of course Andies plan doesnt payoff. Mrs Geist finds out about their blackmail, and interrogates the class to find out who plotted the punishments. When faced with a joint punishment, the girl who truly enjoyed herself bringing sobing in Sandys eyes with the belt gives up Andie and her friend Laura. They´re both to recive 50 strokes of the cane. Andie is first to receive her punishment, that starts out with a series of delicious light strokes to her bottom. The intensity grows throughout the strokes though, and the final few from Mrs Geist are hardcore indeed. After 40 strokes though she hands the spanking implement to Sandy and let´s her do the last 10. Whereas she doesnt have the technique of Mrs Geist, she´s surely enthusiastic about getting strokes delivered to Sandys butt that will inflict supreme horror, and she seems truly joyfull about the opportunity. The beating of Andie alltogether is a good rough one, but not as abusive as some seen from Mood Pixsand sure the reactions Andie could actually have been taken further. The same certainly can´t be said for Laura, whose 50 strokes concludes the movie. She is spank full pressure on the badonkadonk right from the beginning, and very soon it starts provoking blatting and screams. At 25 her rump is bruised severely and she cries unemotional – it must have felt like an eternity to get from there to 50. Eventually she does though but the road to conclusion seem almost unbearable for her and Mrs Geist certainly shows no signs of mercy or remorse.

Mood Snapshots- Mrs Geists Class Mood Pictures- Mrs Geists Class Mood Pictures- Mrs Geists Class

Mrs Geist´s class is a beautefull correctional discipline and beating video with more or less all the elements fans of excruciating punishments would be looking for. The sluts being welted are ranging from delightful to extraordinarily attractive, the corrector too is a fresh attractive girl which adds an extra dimension. There´s inbuild tension and moments of utter disconcerted along the way, that are way beyond the regular badonkadonk up & get whipped movie. To reach complete perfection I have only minor details I could point out – the first two schoolyard punishments and the whacking of Andie could´ve been harder. And then about psycology, the canings for instance, had they been done with the girl being castigateedfacing all of their classmates, it would have produced an even higher level of embarrassed, and in addition the viewer would´ve been able to follow the reactions of the other sluts, and the girl waiting to be disciplineedof course. Furthermore of course my usual complaint, the facial expression photosshould be longer in time, better lit and closing up more on the girl, however Mrs Geist Class does actually mark an improvement in that area and does deliver some very interesting facial expression sequences.

Overall this is yet another classic from Mood Pictures. Technically brilliant and with a line of events that just drags the viewer along the adventures of the unfortunate class of Mrs Geist. Its erotic pleasure and pain.

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