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Chaos Whipped Hard – P2

Posted by on June 3, 2018

Spanking the wife in stockings and corporal punishment of Little Miss Chaos in bare bottom punishment

James grinned slyly. “That’s a good start. I was hoping you would have more toys, but that will have to do. You do know that an adult’s punishment is one hundred lashes. That’s what the soldiers got for sleeping on duty. George Washington wanted to up it to one hundred and fifty, but Congress wouldn’t let him have his way. I happen to agree with Washington, but we might have to work our way up to his standards. What do you think? “

Lara gulped. When she was a little girl, Daddy had never laid more than a dozen stripes across her bottom and they had stung three days. “Do I have to be bare bottomed ? “

He frowned down at her. “Of course! You’ve already admitted guilt. I’m just pronouncing this afternoon’s sentence. If you want to earn my forgiveness, you have no choice. You have to do this many times. “

She sighed. “I’ll go through with it. I want your forgiveness more than anything. Follow me over to the hand trucks. I’ll let you tie me to them. I just hope that I have an bottom left after this. “

He slapped her bottom. “You’ll have plenty left. Your bottom is a Timex. It can take a licking and keep on ticking. “

She marched to the rear of the warehouse and laid down on some hand trucks. After giving James four lengths of rope, she said, “Tie my hands and feet. You aren’t my man , but I want your forgiveness and I’ll suffer anything to get it. “

He had started tying her wrists when he spotted a bundle of burlap bags. He got them and slipped them between Lara and the cold steel of the hand trucks. “I just want your bottom to suffer. The rest of you should be as comfortable as possible. “

She turned to smile at him. “Thanks, I think. “

He smiled. “That’s all the mercy you get. Are you ready? “

She swallowed. “Yes. “

James raised the leather strap high above his head and brought it down across her bare bottom with all his might. It whistled through the air as if it were a rocket and crashed down into her soft ivory flesh as if it were a depth charge. The tiny bit of fat on Lara’s bottom rippled as if it were jello.

The feeling Lara got was less pleasant than the view James enjoyed. He might have compared his experience to watching skyrockets, but she felt as if someone unleashed a flame-thrower on her bottom . Each lash released a new wall of flames to burn her bottom . The first lash brought tears to her eyes and before James delivered the last lash, she bawled uncontrollably.

He kept his word and showed her no mercy. When he had delivered the final lash, he said, “If you don’t stop bawling by the count of ten, I’ll continue. One, two, three,… “

Lara had never practiced so much self control, but she stopped the flow of tears and James released her. She got up and asked, “Do you forgive me? “

He shook his head. “Not quite. Get on your clothes and meet me back here. We need to talk. “

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When Lara returned, she was rubbing her bottom . “It even hurts to wear clothes. You must have done a good job. Surely, that was worth a little forgiveness. “

He laughed. “I did my best. Your bottom is as raw as a piece of steak. That’s good enough for now, but I don’t have the heart to whip your sore bottom again. Will you agree to date me several times a week and let me inspect your bottom to see when it heals? I’ve never felt so sexually gratified and I definitely want to do this again. Will you let me do this again?. “

“Yes and that’s enough forgiveness for now. “

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