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Bethrowed Juliettes Spanking – P1

When Joe had announced to Bob and Juliette, his incredulous parents, that he and Juliette were to be married, the virtually unprecedented response had, initially, been mute, open-mouthed disbelief. It had taken quite a while before his Mother had summoned up the courage to cobble together an unconvincing smile and his Father had, in his … Continue reading »

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Spanking The Wife Belinda

The Spanking Pages Spanking The Wife Belinda Spanking the wife in stockings and corporal punishment of Little Miss Chaos in bare bottom punishment Joe chases Belinda throughout the house, he was angry. “I have told you not to do that Belinda!” he said as he chased her. Belinda locked herself in the room. “Belinda, you … Continue reading »

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Virtual Reality Spanking

Behold! You are entering the real world of Spanking VR with genuine spankees and submissives ready at your beg and call. Do they need punishment or pleasure? When I’m a bad girl, I get a spanking. Sometimes I get spanked bare bottom, over the knee. Or I may have to grab on to the chair … Continue reading »

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Spanked Male Cuckolds

Here at The Spanking Pages we are fully aware that sometimes the only way for a wife to fully take charge is to pull her cuckold husband over her knee and deliver him a strong spanking on his bare ass until it is glowing bright red. It is time for male punishment spankings! You may also … Continue reading »

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Louise Reds Spanking

louise red awaits her Master Christian Red, move within the dungeon. Shackled, she is collared, hoisted up onto her tiptoes, and subjected to a full body whipping. fittingly ready, her legs are caned till the tears begin to flow. Leashed sort of a dog, she is created to crawl, savagely paddled, and maltreated. Punishment Movies … Continue reading »

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Madison Young Spanked

Madison Young returns to us during this show that makes a lot of of how simple it’s to show her pale, perfect skin a vivid scarlet at Shadow Slaves Jay additionally has her wicked pleasure with Madison with the help of a large strap on. Finally Madison is adorned the wrong way up, and hot … Continue reading »

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Retro Rig East Caning

Wild Party 3, Cane On Nail, Crime at St. Thomas School. Do these spanking movie titles ring a bell? If not, you are probably not a fan of classic hard Eastern European caning films. These are legendary titles from RigEast, Lupus Pictures and the like. You can get fresh caning movie reviews at with … Continue reading »

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The Whipping History

People have always loved to spank and be spanked. Yearned for a good whipping. Itched to use the cane on a female bottom. Have a look at History of Whipping Pictures – a new impact play book released by Goliath Media that tracks and illustrates all these spanking desires through history

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Caring For Canes

Soak the ratan in the bathtub for several hours which will allow you to straighten it. Cut into lengths. Swing the cane, using each end to see where the handle should be. There is definatelly a wrong and right end. Usually, but not always, use the bigger end for the handle. Sand the end of … Continue reading »

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Caned To Tears

Harsh Caning Of Crying Teen Featuring Nineteen Year Old Slavegirl Chaos spanked, caned and punished. Harsh caning of crying submissive teen blonde in corporal punishment and boobie whipped torments. Blonde british teens severe caning and rough spanking discipline to tears. The cute teen is spanked on her tits and bare bottom with the wooden cane … Continue reading »

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